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OC Eight

If you're like most people with oily skin, your complexion often becomes shiny, particular in the t-zone area of the forehead, nose and chin. This shine develops due to excess oil, which lingers on the surface of your skin and creates a reflective surface. Numerous techniques are available for controlling shine from blotting papers to face powder, but typically these products offer only short-lived benefits. With an hour or two, your skin has manufactured enough oil for the shine to return, creating a continuous cycle of short-term treatment followed by the return of unwanted shine.

OC Eight skin care products help to break the shine cycle, allowing your skin to look matte and radiant without the need for cosmetics or blotting papers. The formulas found in OC Eight skin care products absorb excess oil on the skin and remain effective for up to 8 hours, keeping you free of shine throughout your entire workday or evening. The OC Eight skin care collection also includes products to help treat acne, another common problem associated with oily complexions. Fight oily shine before it starts with OC Eight.

OC Eight is a part of the expansive Ferndale Healthcare brand. This company dates back to the late 19th century, when it was first founded as the J.R. Hartz Company in 1897. Since then, the Ferndale Healthcare brand has focused on finding technologically innovative solutions to a range of health and personal care issues. The company's start as a pharmaceutical manufacturer has evolved into a nationally recognized healthcare holding company. Ferndale Healthcare's growth, which included the development of the OC Eight brand, is indicative of the company's success. After all, if consumers didn't invest in these products, the company would not have enjoyed such expansive growth.

OC Eight's line of products has been researched by some of the nation's top dermatologists. Even more, the product line has been favorably reviewed in top publications that include Elle, Glamour, Redbook, and Health magazines. They have been used on well-known television programs such as American Idol and The Glee Project. Such national recognition, in part, is due to the backing of these products by skin care professionals. The products' eight-hour formula, which works to reduce shine and redness for a full workday, helps you create a beautiful complexion every day. All skin types can enjoy these products, which also work to even your skin tone. If acne is your concern, whether you're a teen or an adult, you can opt for the OC Eight Acne line of products, which uses benzoyl peroxide to minimize those bothersome blemishes. Discover how the OC Eight line of products can benefit you, and choose the right product for your needs today.

If you are plagued with excess sebum that just won't quit, you know just how essential an oil-absorbing formula can be when putting on your face for the day ahead of you. The revolutionary collection of OC Eight Products has been designed to deal with exactly this type of situation so that you never have to worry about facial shine again. Each one of them utilizes Copolymer Technology and Acrysorb® micro-particles to deliver oil-absorbing capabilities that clear away excess sebum quickly and successfully, creating a more natural radiance for your face - one that is free of the oils that can cause acne breakouts to show their ugliness in full color. Best yet, as these micro-particles snatch up these oils, it's almost as if they hide them behind an invisible shield.

Once the formulas in OC Eight Products clear up the oils, your skin develops a matte finish that looks even and enables you to look gorgeous. OC Eight Products surpass traditional oil-absorbing formulas in their capacity to eliminate shine from the face due to their state-of-the-art technological development and high performing ingredients.

Developed as part of a skin care brand that utilizes breakthrough advances and one-of-a-kind formulations, each of the OC Eight Products create a "just-applied" appearance for your countenance, creating a renewed sense of confidence. Isn't it time that you restore clarity to your face?

Wouldn't you like to keep oily shine away from your countenance so that you can have that fresh, natural glow that makes you look so beautiful? You can, when you make the choice to include the advanced formula of OC Eight Professional Mattifying Gel in your daily beauty ritual. It delivers an oil-free surface as Acrysorb® micro-particles absorb as much as six times their weight in excess skin sebum for as long as eight continuous hours. Your skin becomes even toned and features a fresh, matte appearance with long-lasting staying power.

Are you bothered with acne breakouts that cause you embarrassment? Does your oily skin shine all day long, glistening at the most inopportune moments? Why not check out the unique formula of OC Eight Acne Mattifying Gel and restore your natural beauty? Combining the oil-absorbing capability of Acrysorb® with the acne-fighting strength of Benzoyl Peroxide, this gel delivers control that zaps excess facial sebum effectively and immediately. It is gentle enough for use by individuals who have sensitive skin types, and it offers a sophisticated finish that parallels elegant cosmetics. Lock facial shine away without destroying your skin's natural levels of moisture and kill the bacteria that lead to painful acne breakouts at the same time.

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