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The name SUNDÃRI (pronounced sun-dar-ee) comes from the Sanskrit term for beautiful woman. All SUNDÃRI products are formulated using natural botanicals that have been used for centuries to improve the quality of the skin along with modern scientific solutions that are proven effective. SUNDÃRI essential oil blends nourish and condition the skin to leave it soft, supple and resilient to the elements. Safe for sensitive types, SUNDÃRI skincare is an excellent choice for those looking for more natural solutions to their issues.

SUNDÃRI is unlike any other luxury skincare collection on the market because its products are developed using the principles of Ayurveda. Since ancient times, practitioners in India have used this healing tradition to promote overall health, mental well-being, spiritual peace and physical beauty. Ayurveda focuses on balancing all of the energies of the body, bringing them into equilibrium, so that a person can look and feel their best. With the SUNDÃRI skincare collection, traditional ingredients from Ayurveda are combined into formulas that address specific skincare concerns, helping to restore balance to the tissue for beautiful results.

To fully meet the needs of the skin, SUNDÃRI has created four distinctive lines of products. Firming products help to counteract the symptoms of age-related elasticity loss and environmental damage to collagen fibers. The products tone and tighten the skin without the use of harsh chemicals. Healing products help to soothe and calm tissue that is showing signs of irritation and stress. Nurturing products meet the moisture needs of the tissue to fight dehydration, while Supplifying products provide the nutrients needed to keep skin healthy.

Although SUNDÃRI skin care products are developed using one of the most revered of ancient eastern healing traditions, the products are evaluated using the latest of western medical science. All of the formulas are tested by dermatologists to ensure their safety and test their mechanisms of action, so that you can use the products with confidence that you are only applying gentle, effective formulas every day.

The devotion and spirit of the SUNDÃRI line is reflected in the derivation of the brand's name: SUNDÃRI means "beautiful woman" in Sanskrit. And, indeed,  SUNDÃRI products are beautifying and nourishing skincare treatments of the highest order.

The team behind the SUNDÃRI products eschews harsh chemical additives and synthetic substitutes for the time-tested benefits of natural ingredients like botanical extracts and essential oils. They represent a fascinating intersection of ancient dermatological healing practices and top-notch Western science, creating formulas that are as soothing and calming on the skin as they are healthful. From night creams and eye oils to cleansers and firming serums, the SUNDÃRI collection can anchor your entire skincare regimen and keep you soft, supple, and contented in the face of the day's stressors and trials.

Take a little time to show your skin some tender loving care with the SUNDÃRI products, and allow that beautiful woman inside to come out and shine.

Skincare products founded upon aggressive ingredients like synthetic perfumes and an excess of harsh chemicals can irritate our skin and leave us rattled and off-balance. The SUNDÃRI products are about giving our skin what it naturally needs, while also, not insignificantly, bringing us to a calm, centered place in the process.

The SUNDÃRI Comfrey Cleanser for Dry Skin provides an efficient, exfoliating wash that's gentle enough for those with chronic dry skin to use. Without removing the skin's natural oils, this cleanser sloughs away dead skin-cell layers and sheds makeup and impurities while softening and smoothing. Among the healing ingredients is Allantoin, an anti-inflammatory perfect for soothing chafed, unhappy skin.

In India, sandalwood oil has been used for thousands of years to treat dermatological inflammation. Those of normal to combination skin types can benefit from the same soothing power with the SUNDÃRI Sandalwood Cleanser for Normal to Combination Skin. You'll be both exfoliating and removing dirt, oil, makeup, and other impurities and substances collected during your day. Sandalwood oil, cucumber extract, and other natural ingredients in the cleanser also soften and soothe your skin, and hydrate dry areas while removing oil-promoting bacteria.

The SUNDÃRI Neem and Burdock Balancing Cream-Gel Cleanser is a multi-functional addition to your skincare arsenal. It helps moisturize patches of dry skin while shedding excess oil where it's found; meanwhile, it promotes good circulation in the skin and employs neem extract to bolster tone and ward against wrinkles. Other ingredients include burdock root (long used for diverse medicinal purposes by herbalists), squalene, and Copper PCA.

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