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Terax Hair Care

Great looking hair can be achieved through carefully formulated daily care products that fortify and protect while bringing out the best in ever lock. Terax Hair Care combines scientific breakthroughs with the best of natural botanicals in order to care for the scalp and shaft from root to tip. All new product offerings from Terax Hair Care are free from sulfates and artificial colors. This means more good stuff to benefit your hair without fillers that can compromise health and vitality.

Discover your best head of hair ever with Terax Hair Care. The new line of favorite products features new formulations, giving you even better results with less of the stuff that you don't want to see in your product lineup. Choose from a comprehensive range that features shampoos, conditioners and styling products. You no doubt have specific needs due to your hair type or the condition of your hair. Choose from a wide variety of formulations that address your concerns while bringing out the best in your hair. With regular use, you'll find balance and vitality in Terax Hair Care.

Taking proper care of your hair shouldn't be complicated Terax Hair Care combines the best of science and nature to restore strength and shine, balance the scalp and repair damage. Put together a customized regimen from the product selection and start enjoying a healthier mane today.

Terax Hair Care Original Crema Conditioner is a highly luxurious hydrating product that should follow every shampoo. The deeply penetrating moisturizers repair damage to the hair in order to prevent breaking and split ends. This conditioner is idea for dry, damaged hair that has been ravaged by the elements. All hair types can benefit from the rejuvenating properties of shea butter, bergamot and juniper. The formula softens the hair and leaves it tame and manageable.

You might also choose to use the Terax Hair Care Original Crema Conditioner in a smaller tube packaging version rather than a pump. The tube is lightweight and easy to handle in the shower.

Weak and fragile hair should also start with a gentle and nourishing shampoo. Try Terax Hair Care Collagene Shampoo to protect and hydrate the hair. Natural proteins from soy aid in the repairing effect. The formula builds strength while also retaining vital hydration and reducing the look of frizzy and frazzled locks.

Terax Hair Care Miele Shampoo is ideal for hair that is considered normal or is on the dry side. This is a very gentle formula that eliminates impurities while restoring moisture and strength. There are no harmful chemicals to strip the hair of moisture or color.

Take a look at the bottles of shampoo that are most common and you're bound to see ingredients with the word "sulfate" in them. Sulfates are one of the most commonly used surfactants in the hair care industry and are used to help water mix with oil, so that it can be washed away. These chemicals are favorites among many hair care companies because they create a large amount of suds and are inexpensive to manufacture. Unfortunately, studies have found that sulfates have the potential to damage the protective covering of the hair and can cause color and highlights to fade quickly.

Terax Hair Care Products offer an alternative to the sulfate-based product on the market. The shampoos and conditioners in the Terax Hair Care Products collection use surfactants derived from sugar and plants to provide the same benefits as sulfates without compromising the strength of the hair strands or stripping away color. The Terax Hair Care Products range also includes gentle solutions for shaving and a full range of chemical-free, highly effective hairsprays and styling aids to meet all of your needs.

The natural surfactants, emulsifiers and extracts found in Terax Hair Care Products make their formulas ideal for repairing and conditioning hair that is stressed, damaged and difficult to manage.

The Terax Hair Care Miele Shampoo uses a blend of natural surfactants to remove oil and grime from normal to dry hair without robbing the strands of moisture. The formula contains honey and elder flower, which help to rehydrate and condition dry, brittle strands. Wheat proteins present in the shampoo add strength to hair that has been weakened due to styling and the effects of the environment. To protect your hair color, sunflower seed extract is also included in the shampoo.

The Terax Hair Care Original Crema Conditioner is a daily use conditioner with the power of an intensive deep conditioning treatment. Shea butter is included in the luxurious formula to moisture damaged, dry hair, while bergamot, juniper and rice flowers are used to restore the proper nutrient balance to parched locks. The formula is ideal for those whose hair has been damaged due to sunlight, chemical processing or chlorine.

The Terax Hair Care Life Drops is a treatment formula designed to bring new life to hair that is limp, brittle and prone to breakage due to chemical or environmental damage. Each time you use the treatment, you reinforce the strands with silk and wheat proteins, helping restore elasticity to your hair. The formula is intended for use after every wash and leaves behind a delectable vanilla scent.

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