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Yon-Ka Paris Skincare

Yonka is committed to deliver immediate and long lasting visible results, by providing the skin with all the natural means to help restore and maintain its optimum balance and bring accurate answers to all its issues in a very soft yet efficient manner. Yonka considers each individual in the entirety, and their approach is holistic. Every treatment and method Yonka offers will convey this global approach to well-being beauty thru tailor-made and customized treatments.

SkinStore has partnered with Dream Day Spa located in the Historic District of Folsom, California to offer Yonka products professionally for resale exclusively in the United States. At home, in salons and in spas, Yonka products complement each other and work together to provide a very targeted response to the specific needs of each individual and to restore the skin's vital energy and balance.

Yonka is a French skin care brand that was born in 1954 in the Multaler Laboratories, pioneers and leaders in aromatherapy. While combining product efficiency, the art of the professional touch and the scented subtle communication of the Essential Oils aromas, Yonka treatments will set the perfect environment that will allow the skin to protect itself against both the external and internal aggressions it is exposed to on a daily basis.

The Yonka brand was established almost 60 years ago by Charles, Cecile and Ernst Muhlethaler. Within the family, they had a wealth of knowledge about the benefits of essential oils and botanicals that they brought to their new range of skin care treatments. Rigorous research led them to discover Quintessence. This blend of five essential oils became the core of the Yonka skin care range.

The signature Quintessence, around which the Yonka brand has been built, contains thyme from Spain, lavender from Haute Provence, geranium from Egypt, cypress from Provence, and rosemary from Morocco. Thyme is a potent stimulant with antiseptic properties, lavender is known to calm and heal, geranium calms inflammation, cypress acts as a decongestant and rosemary possesses toning and regenerating properties. Working together, these five essential oils can deliver beneficial results when applied to the skin.

Within the Yonka range, there are cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturizers and treatments that can be used on all types of skin. Every product in the range contains only natural ingredients. You can build a complete daily beauty routine that purifies, nourishes and treats your complexion without worrying about harsh chemicals or synthetic additives.

Whether you want to develop a natural tan without the aid of the sun or protect your skin from the sun's powerful UV rays, Yonka's sun care range has a natural solution that will meet your needs.

Yonka offers a skincare routine for men that supports and protects facial skin during the daily routine of shaving. The Yonka men's range also contains specially developed cleansers, exfoliators and moisturizers that are designed to nourish and protect men's skin.

In 1954, Cecile, Ernst and Charles Muhlethaler established a business that combined their love of botany with their passion for helping others. Together, they formulated unique phytotherapy products that helped treat a host of conditions from arthritis to burns. Their legacy continued through the next generation of their family, when a biochemist and beautician took the reins of the business and began to focus on skin care formulas. Today, their company remains a 100 percent family owned business and is a leader in natural skin care. The Yonka Products collection can help you treat a variety of skin care concerns through entirely natural formulas based on the principles of phytotherapy.

The Yonka Products line includes a full range of formulas for both men and women. From natural cleansers to moisturizers, the skin care collection has everything you need to form a daily regimen. In addition, the brand produces a line of specialty products, including sunscreen formulas, cellulite treatments and sunless tanners. Whatever your skin care needs and goals, the Yonka Products collection has a formula waiting for you to discover.

For more than 50 years, Yonka Products have served as natural solutions for a variety of skin care concerns.

Yonka Creme PG is a favorite among women with combination and oily complexions. The formula uses burdock and climbing ivy extract to limit oil production and refine the pores, eliminating excess sebum and treating oversized pores. An ideal primer for cosmetics, the formula makes it easier for makeup to adhere to the skin and prevents pigments from becoming diluted throughout the day. The clarifier also helps to eliminate the appearance of shiny skin on the forehead, nose and chin.

The Yonka Creme 15 helps to decrease the frequency of acne breakouts in those with oily or combination complexions. Sage and burdock extracts eliminate bacteria from the complexion and balance the oil content of the skin tissue, helping to purify the pores. To gently exfoliate the skin and prevent clogged pores, the cream contains birch extract. The formula's soothing blend of ingredients helps to calm inflammation and can also be used to treat irritation after shaving or waxing.

The Yonka Juvenil formula is a spot treatment for acne blemishes. To disinfect the skin and soothe the redness that surrounds a pimple, the formula uses a blend of ichtiol, calendula and azulene. Vitamin C-rich lime juice is featured in the formula to accelerate skin healing and protect the complexion from free radicals. The treatment is free of alcohol, so it will not dry out the skin as it eradicates blemishes.

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