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butter LONDON Base Coat

Applying brightly colored nail lacquer directly on to your nails can result in them becoming dry, brittle, and discolored. You can protect your nails by applying a base coat underneath colored lacquer. With a unique combination of ingredients, butter LONDON Base Coats nourish the nails and protect them from the potential damage that can be caused by colored nail varnish. In order to achieve a smooth, flawless finish to your manicure, apply butter LONDON Base Coat before you paint on your color. The base coat will smooth out any ridges and imperfections on the nail, leaving an even surface for the lacquer.

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butter LONDON Base Coat Products

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A silk-finish, stain resistant, non-toxic basecoat.
0.6 oz | ON021
No Longer Available

Additional butter LONDON Base Coat Information

With a commitment to producing non-toxic nail products, the butter LONDON Base Coat range does not contain toluene, formaldehyde, or phthalates. These chemicals are known as the Big 3 and are harmful to the environment, as well as potentially harmful to health. The condition of your nails will be improved by applying these tremendous treatments. When you use a butter LONDON Base Coat, you can be certain that you are protecting the environment as well as nourishing your nails.

Nails are a fabulous fashion statement. You can paint them to match your outfit, your accessories, or your mood. Whether you want your nails to look natural, dramatic, or vibrant, you can shield and strengthen them with a butter LONDON Base Coat. These protective treatments prevent the color from your nail varnish staining the nail underneath. They also nourish the nails, ensuring that they remain healthy and resilient. Wear these treatments on their own to give natural nails a finishing touch, or under color to provide a remarkable foundation.

Rejuvenate your nails with butter LONDON Horse Nail Power Nail Fertilizer . This fabulous base coat contains horsetail, a unique herbal ingredient that strengthens and repairs the nails. For maximum benefit, apply one coat every day for seven days. Then remove it and begin again. The results are amazing. Because it goes on clear, this product can be used as a top coat as well as a base coat to give your nails a perfect, glossy finish.

Smooth out any imperfections by applying butter LONDON Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat before painting on your colored lacquer. Ridges are evened out and your nails are protected from the effects of dark colors. You can be confident of a fantastic finish. This base coat delivers an amazing matte finish. It can be used on its own to deliver natural looking nails. For men who are looking to enhance the look of their nails, this product produces the perfect finish.

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