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To keep your skin properly balanced, maintaining proper pH levels on a daily basis is crucial. By keeping your skin's acid-base balance regulated, you can help ensure that your complexion remains hydrated, but not excessively oily. Toners and clarifiers are the products intended to re-balance the skin after cleansing, but not all toning and clarifying formulas are the same. Many toners and clarifiers produce only limited results, as they work primarily on the outer layers of skin, where changes in pH do not have a major effect.

Celazome Toners And Clarifiers Products are unlike other toning and clarifying formulas on the market in that they deliver their balancing ingredients to the middle layers of skin. By including particle-sized ingredients in the Celazome Toners And Clarifiers Products, the skin care experts at Celazome have created formulas that are 75 times more concentrated than most ordinary toning and clarifying formulas. Despite this, the Celazome Toners And Clarifiers Products remain gentle and can be used without fear of irritation. Shop the toning and clarifying products collection now!

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Additional Celazome Products Information

Restore balance more deeply within your skin tissue by choosing Celazome Toners And Clarifiers Products.

The Celazome Rosewater Clarifier is a two-in one formula that should be applied after every cleansing. The clarifier functions as a makeup remover, gently dissolving any residues from cosmetics that linger in the eye area or on the rest of the face. In addition, the formula helps to restore pH levels in the tissue to their optimal state to normalize the complexion and keep the skin free of dryness and oiliness alike.

To ensure its effectiveness, the Celazome Rosewater Clarifier uses lyphazomes to deliver ingredients deep within the skin. These tiny capsules contain particles that are better absorbed by the skin tissue. The delivery system also allows ingredients to be gradually released over an extended period of time, allowing the benefits of the clarifier to continue for hours after use.

The Celazome Rosewater Clarifier uses a host of natural, gentle ingredients to deliver results. Birch leaf extract eliminates impurities from the skin and helps to sweep away excess oil from the surface of the complexion and the pores. Rose centifolia water hydrates and softens the skin with every use, and sodium PCA works to lessen the risk of dehydration.

Because of its effective, yet gentle formula, the Celazome Rosewater Clarifier is perfect for normal to oily, combination, dry and sensitive complexions. Only those with acne-prone or severely congested skin will not benefit greatly from the product. The toner comes in a 7-ounce spray bottle.

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