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What is Cellulite?

Cellulite is a condition in which the skin has areas with underlying fat deposits, giving it a dimpled, lumpy appearance. It is most noticeable on the buttocks and thighs, and usually occurs after puberty. It's also know as "orange peel skin".


There are a variety of treatments for cellulite. Topical treatments such as creams and lotions that contain caffeine, topical retinoids, Endermologie (using a machine with rollers to massage the skin) and tissue massage with infrared light and radio frequency. Always check with your dermatologist.

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All about Cellulite

The dimply, “cottage cheese” skin most women over the age of 20 carry on their buttocks and thighs is just fat, but to most women it’s more disturbing than body fat they carry in other areas. That’s because the dimpling and “orange peel skin” are so obvious when they put on a swimsuit or a pair of shorts. Women can take solace in the fact that they’re not alone. Up to 90% of all adult women have some degree of cellulite.

What Causes Cellulite?

The skin is composed of two layers called the epidermis (the outer layer) and the dermis (the deeper layer). Underneath the two layers of skin lies a layer of subcutaneous fat. These fat cells are attached to the underlying muscle by fibrous bands that hold them taut. When fat cells expand, it puts pressure on these cords and causes the lumpy, dimply look of cellulite.

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Cellulite Products

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This highly active cream helps disperse pronounced cellulite, resulting in visibly smoother-looking skin.
6.76 oz | TH180
Fights and corrects the stubborn (grades 1 and 2) cellulite-generating process at its source.
6.76 oz | TH197
A liquid supplement that offers a corrective solution to improve the look of orange-peel skin.
10 ct | TH203
A refreshing spray that soothes tired legs and helps to rid of cellulite.
5.07 oz | TH043
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