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Clark's Botanicals Lip Products

Despite the fact that the skin on lips is thin and sensitive, and susceptible to becoming painfully dry and cracked, lips rarely receive the same level of skin care as other areas of the face. No more: The rich moisturizing and soothing formulas of Clark's Botanicals Lip Products can relieve rough, dehydrated and sore lips and make them smooth, full and beautiful. Lips, as with other areas of the face, are continually exposed to the elements, including temperature extremes, wind, sun exposure and airborne contaminants. In addition, hot, cold and spicy foods and drink come into contact with them, as does saliva (with its digestive enzymes) whenever they are licked. Clark's Botanicals Lip Products help overcome these dangers.

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Clark's Botanicals Lip Products Products

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An intensely hydrating lip balm with a softening, non-sticky texture.
0.35oz | CG007

Additional Clark's Botanicals Lip Products Information

The formulas of Clark's Botanicals Lip Products provide emollients to restore needed moisture to the lips, to keep them full and healthy. In addition, soothing and healing ingredients help repair the delicate tissues to smooth out the cracked, dry surface and protect them against further damage. And, to keep things fun, Clark's Botanicals Lip Products add a little color and a touch of flavor.

It's sometimes easy to forget, but lips are part of facial skin, too. Taking care of them should be as much a part of a skin care regimen as any other feature of the face, a task that Clark's Botanicals Lip Products are designed to perform. The lips, however, are different than other areas of facial skin, with specific needs that require special care.

Consider lip care, and the first thought is probably of moisturization. Certainly, Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Balm provides a variety of very effective emollients, including shea butter, coconut oil, safflower seed oil, cold-pressed avocado seed oil (which also includes antioxidant benefits) and jojoba seed oil with its special qualities. In addition, the balm also contains soothing Aloe bardandensis leaf extract and anti-inflammatory Calendula officinalis (marigold) flower extract. Natural beeswax provides a permeable protective base, but without leaving the skin feeling stiff or coated. To add a wonderful touch of flavor, extracts of jasmine and Vanilla planifolia fruit are included. The result is a treatment which leaves the lips deeply hydrated, nourished, soothed and protected.

For a touch of color, Clark's Botanicals Ultra Rich Lip Tints -- Moore Nude provides all the benefits of the balm, but with an added hint of hue. This line is also available in several other shades, including Carlotta pink, Rachel red (a juicy strawberry tone), "Because I Love You" (a sheer bright coral), Madge mauve (a rich shade of cranberry, complimentary to darker complexions) and Alexandra rose (with a natural-looking shade of pink).

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