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Color-Treated Hair

Changing your hair color can be a fun way to alter your appearance with a minimal amount of hassle. It is also more reversible than cutting your hair into a different style as many dyes are available in temporary or semi-permanent options. Hair dye can be applied in smaller amounts to combat the appearance of gray hairs. Further, if you have previously had highlights and the roots of your hair are growing out, an overall color treatment can ease the transition back to your natural hair color.

Coloring your hair can help you to achieve a more consistent and even hair style, whether you are growing out previous highlights, covering gray hairs, or attempting to enrich your natural hair color. For many people with medium brown or dark blonde hair, color treatments provide a way to accomplish a bolder, deeper color.

Many colors are available in temporary or semi-permanent form, offering gentler formulas and the ability to test a color before committing to it fully. However, these types of hair treatments require a lot of upkeep. In light of this, many people opt for permanent hair color. While these provide longer-lasting and more predictable color, they often include chemicals that can damage hair with regular use. Dry and dull-looking hair can often result from a reaction to permanent hair dye. Formulas containing bleach often cause the most significant damage.

It will be hugely beneficial to your hair coloring results if you begin with normal, healthy hair.

Some products provide a semi-permanent natural solution in the form of henna dyes. These dyes only treat the surface of the hair, meaning that the color will not last as long but damage will be minimal. The major downside associated with henna-based hair dyes is that they only come in a very limited range of color choices and many users often find the results unpredictable.

It will be hugely beneficial to your hair coloring results if you begin with normal, healthy hair. If your hair is already damaged and stripped of its natural oils, it will likely suffer more noticeable damage and result in an unwanted outcome. When dying healthy hair, avoid washing your hair for 24 hours prior to applying the dye. Avoiding harsh styling products would also be beneficial. If you will be having your hair dyed professionally at a salon, ask them not to wash your hair before undertaking the color treatment. This will help your hair to build up its natural protective oils, leaving it in better shape to handle the chemicals from the dye.

After you dye your hair, you can combat the drying or damaging effects by using a high-powered conditioner. Many boxed hair dyes now come with a strong conditioner designed specifically for the purpose of rehabilitating chemically treated or color treated hair. If you are using a boxed dye, follow the instructions when using the included conditioner.

If your hair needs something stronger, there are many specially designed products you can purchase that will heal and hydrate color-treated hair with a strong dose of targeted vitamins and hair moisturizers. Make sure you continue to use a good conditioner in the weeks and months after dying your hair. This will ensure that your hair stays healthy and hydrated and will continue to heal your hair so that your new style will shine.

Many popular hair care brands offer options for color treated hair.

If your hair is noticeably damaged or dry after it has been dyed, cut back on other styling products or heated appliances you may use until your hair is healthier. Many hairsprays and gels can strip your hair of its natural oils, and heated styling appliances such as curling irons and straightening irons can cause further damage. When you use a heated appliance in the future, be sure to apply a product designed to protect your hair from the damage that can be caused by harsh items. This will help to minimize damage caused by heated styling.

Many popular hair care brands offer options for color treated hair. These products do not generally cost more than the other product options but offer better treatment as they are specifically formulated to address the needs of color treated hair. Incorporating these products into your hair care regimen will not only help to repair your hair, but will increase the longevity and shine of your hair color. With regular use, your hair will be better prepared to receive future color treatments.

If you are uncertain whether your hair should be permanently colored, talk to a stylist or hair care professional. They will be able to advise you on the best option for your hair type and color and will point you towards the appropriate hair care products. Having your hair dyed by a professional stylist will minimize the risk of damaging your hair or achieving unwanted color results, but many boxed dyes provide a safe and cheap alternative. Whether you are covering up gray hairs or just looking for a new style, coloring your hair will provide you with fresh look if you take the proper precautions to ensure your hair’s health.

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