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The skin closest to the eyes, particularly just below and at the corners, is thinner than any other skin on the face. This means that it is most likely to show signs of aging and distress, including lines, wrinkles, bagginess and dark circles. Since the eyes are a major feature of the face, any flaws in the skin around them can greatly affect facial appearance. The purpose of CosMedix Eye Products is to address these conditions, to keep the skin in the eye zone firm and hydrated, reduce dark circles and provide a youthful, healthy appearance. The formulas for these products use the most effective ingredients, striving to include carefully selected natural and pure materials, free of artificial colors and preservatives, that can accomplish the desired results without irritation.

CosMedix Eye Products use chirally correct ingredients, meaning compounds which have been filtered and corrected to ensure that they will positively interact with the skin on the molecular level. This attention to quality makes CosMedix Eye Products effective and safe from irritation, for use on the delicate skin in the eye zone.

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Signs of lines, wrinkles, bagginess and discoloration can quickly occur in the skin around the eyes due to the thinness of these skin tissues. Because of the delicate nature of the skin and the proximity to the eyes, great care is taken in formulating CosMedix Eye Products to prevent any irritation or allergic reaction to this area. The ingredients used are carefully chosen and purified, free of artificial colors and preservatives, to allow them to effectively improve skin condition and health, but without causing any difficulties for skin and eye health.

Repairing and replenishing skin around the eyes showing signs of distress or aging is a complex exercise. CosMedix Opti Crystal uses a liquid crystal serum that includes copper peptides, moisturizing botanical oils and extracts and alpha lipoic acid. The liquid crystal structure allows the serum to more efficiently carry the formulated ingredients deep into the tissues, where they can be most effective. Once delivered, these ingredients stimulate the production of collagen and elastin tissues that support the skin, purify the tissues and help protect against moisture loss. The result is firmer, smoother, well-hydrated and stronger skin. The suite of botanical extracts and oils includes such profoundly moisturizing emollients as jojoba oil (extracted from the desert-loving Simmondsia chinensis plant), rice bran oil and Aloe barbadensis. Neem extract (from Melia azadirachta) provides anti-inflammatory benefits, henna (Lawsonia inermis) is antibacterial and extract of the red seaweed Corallina officinalis helps improve the strength of the skin cell moisture barrier to prevent loss of hydration.

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