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DDF Acne reviews

It’s the most common skin condition and one that affects eight out of ten teens and young adults. Unfortunately some young adults don’t “outgrow” acne until they’re well into middle-age when wrinkles and lines are starting to appear. Acne is a disease characterized by over-exuberant sebaceous glands, hair follicles clogged with dead skin cells, bacteria and inflammation. All of these factors contribute to the blackheads, whiteheads, pustules and pimple that are characteristic of acne. Fortunately, the DDF addresses all of these factors with their line of acne-fighting skin care products. From gels that contain bacteria-fighting sulfur and benzoyl peroxide to treatments with salicylic acid, an ingredient that removes dead skin cells and deep-clean pores, DDF targets the root causes of acne. Find out what other customers are saying about this line of acne treatment products by visiting the DDF Acne Reviews page.

Are you read to learn more about DDF acne treatments? Begin by reading the product descriptions and learn more about the acne-fighting benefits each kit offers. Then visit the DDF Acne Reviews page where customers who have used the products share their experiences. By accessing the DDF Acne Reviews page, you can read customer reviews and product ratings from shoppers who have used these acne treatments.

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Good Product -8/25/2007 6:29:49 PM I use this product on my nose, where I have blackheads and large pores. This product has made the pores look smaller and made the blackheads less obvious. My skin does turn red immediately after putting it on, but the redness goes in away in about 5 minutes.
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Love it! -8/6/2007 3:40:53 PM Have only used twice but has made a difference. Goes on easily and doesn't become hard and very dry like some but still gives the same results. the only downfall is the sulfur smell, but is expected with this product.
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Great!!!! -8/6/2007 11:18:41 AM This is an excellent mask as well as spot treatment!! I use it 2 times a week. It also helps with oily skin. I have tried lots of masks. This one works! Great product!!
complicated face
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never would have guessed... -6/30/2007 1:32:47 PM This does more than just help clear up acne, I also found it helped reduce general inflammation and redness (I have very sensitive, dry skin with mild rosacea symptoms and acne) so this a great part of my weekly routine.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Good product -5/14/2007 5:13:41 AM I use this product at night primarily for exfoliation purposes and to improve skin texture. I find that it minimizes my pores and makes my complexion glow. It also gets rid of fine lines and makes my skin more firm. I highly recommend this product.
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Trust the reviews! -4/29/2007 8:45:44 AM A truly excellent product, as everyone here has previously attested to. My skin is pretty sensitive and tends to redness, and I am currently using a retinoid for my acne/congested skin, and this cleanser is gentle while making my skin look great!
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The answer for acne -4/26/2007 6:34:59 PM I have suffered from mild to moderate adult acne for about 8 years, starting from hormonal fluctuations after quitting birth control pills. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun from prescription medications, laser treatments, acne cleansers and so on. Ever since I started using this product (about a year ago) my skin has completely cleared up...finally! In fact, just recently I switched to another DDF cleanser just to try something new and sure enough my acne is starting to come back! I am going to stick to this tried and true daily cleanser. Works great washing away make-up too. The foam pump is great- just one pump is all you need to get a rich lather.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Recommend for monthlies! -2/9/2007 3:56:52 PM I'm 42 and find this mask perfect for those 'monthly' hormonal cysts (those big,painful,under-the-skin pimples that feel like a volcano about to erupt!) This is more effective than any BP,or scrubbing-just leave it on overnight (as many nights as you want)and it WILL calm and shrink the problem-with no scars!
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Great -1/19/2007 6:02:13 PM This mask is very effective to contol acne, it clears pores and heals blemishes quickly.
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Additional DDF Reviews Information

Who knows skin care better than a dermatologist? Dr. Howard Sobel, a New York City dermatologist, combines his practical experience treating skin problems with scientific research to bring you the most advanced skin care products available. His product line not only treats existing skin care problems, it’s a comprehensive program for protecting your skin against environmental damage that leads to premature aging. Discover the benefits of these dermatologically-advanced skin care products. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the DDF Acne Reviews page.

Are you looking for more guidance? Start by reading the product descriptions and learn more about the ingredients each product contains. It’s important to know what you put on your face. You can access a complete list of ingredients by clicking on the “ingredients” tab to the left of each product description. Then head over to the DDF Acne Reviews page where you can access reviews and product rankings. Reviewers may include information about their age, gender and skin type so you can see how the products work for people with skin similar to your own.

To access reviews on all the products in the line, click on the DDF Acne Reviews link on the introductory page to reach a full list of product reviews. You can also access reviews on a specific product in the line by clicking on the “reviews” tab adjacent to each product description. Each review includes three product rankings based on value, ease-of-use and an overall product rating. For your convenience, you can sort the reviews based on publication date or by highest ranked products.

Once you’ve made your selections and tried the products, please visit us again and write reviews of your own. Other customers will appreciate your thoughts and comments when making their own product selections.

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