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Finding the right products for your skin type is essential if you want to achieve optimal hydration and radiance. This is of particular importance when skin is sensitive or allergic to the ingredients that can be found in some skin treatments. By building your daily skin care routine around DDF Sensitive/Allergic Products, you can ensure that skin will be soothed, calmed, and nurtured. The redness caused by irritation will be minimized and balance will be restored. DDF Sensitive/Allergic Products help to restore the skin’s natural defenses, enabling it to tolerate the environmental irritants that would otherwise cause it to react.

If your skin is sensitive and prone to react to allergens that come in to contact with it, it is vital that you use skin products that are free from potential triggers. DDF Sensitive/Allergic Products are free from fragrances, oils, and dyes, all of which are known to cause flare ups in individuals with sensitive or reactive skin. Only the gentlest, kindest ingredients are incorporated in to these nourishing formulations. You can cleanse, tone, moisturize, and treat sensitive skin with confidence.

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Because it is under constant attack from allergens and irritants in the atmosphere, sensitive skin often feels dry and tight. It may have a red, flaky appearance due to flare ups. You can soothe and calm sensitive skin with DDF Sensitive/Allergic Products.

After cleansing or shaving, spray DDF Aloe Toning Complex on your skin to calm, tone, and hydrate the skin. This delightful unisex toner is free from alcohol, ensuring that your skin will not feel tight or dry after use. A combination of aloe barbadensis leaf juice, matricaria flower extract, and grape seed extract soothes and nourishes, while sodium PCA moisturizes the skin. A little of this refreshing toning complex goes a long way, making it great value for money.

Every morning and evening, cleanse impurities and makeup from your skin with DDF Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel . This gentle foaming cleanser contains extracts of marigold and elderberry, which calm the skin and promote the natural rejuvenation process. It is enriched with aloe and glycerin, which hydrate and protect the skin.

Free from irritating fragrances, oils, and dyes, DDF Ultra Lite Oil Free Moisturizing Dew is a lightweight, easily-absorbed hydrating lotion that can be used daily on sensitive and reactive complexions. Sensitive skin is fully moisturized and protected without any greasy residue. Antioxidant vitamins A, C, and E repair damage caused by free radicals and prevent future harm from occurring. Aloe, grape seed extract, and glycerin deliver intense hydration and soothe irritated skin.

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