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Hydrators aren’t just about soft skin. While the esthetics of a smooth, supple complexion is certainly desirable, there is more going on underneath – and in – the skin. Decleor Moisturizers Products not only provide emollients, but help heal, protect and improve skin tissues while they boost your mood.

Without proper hydration, skin can quickly become damaged, expressing lines and wrinkles, loss of tone, dullness and is even prone to infection. Skin cells and the inner structures, such as collagen and elastin, require sufficient moisture content in order to function properly. Cell turnover, natural exfoliation, maintenance of the acid mantle (the natural barrier of oils on the surface of skin that helps repel bacterial infection) and even the physical “plumping” of skin cells are all processes that require the hydration that Decleor Moisturizers Products can provide. There are so many enemies of good skin moisture levels: Sun exposure, dry air (particularly in modern buildings), contact dermatitis from artificial materials and certainly airborne pollution can all affect skin condition. Decleor Moisturizers Products help counteract these environmental stresses, keeping your skin beautiful and healthy.

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Keeping skin looking and feeling soft and smooth is certainly a goal that everyone wants to achieve, but moisturizers can accomplish so much more. The health of skin depends upon maintaining proper hydration. Decleor Moisturizers Products help maintain, protect and defend skin health as well as beauty.

With a rich, creamy texture and marvelous subtle floral scent, Decleor Hydra Floral Flower Nectar Moisturizing Cream improves skin hydration while it helps natural improve the skin cell moisture barrier. Featuring caprylic/capric triglyceride (derived from coconut), this cream helps retain moisture. At the same time, of course, the emollients shea butter and squalane provide hydration to skin tissue and a suite of botanical extracts and oils, including the antioxidant seaweed extract from Codium tomentosum, add to the well-being of cells.

Oils of Damascus rose, Madonna lily (Lilium candidum) and rosemary in Decleor Harmonie Calm Soothing Milk Cream provide mood-softening benefits, while sunflower seed oil and squalane moisturize the skin. This cream also includes a range of botanical extracts and caprylic/capric triglyceride help the skin functions. Boerhavia diffusa root extract acts also acts as an antibacterial agent.

An imbalance of melanin production, the natural pigment in the skin, can sometimes cause unsightly blotchy areas of uneven color. Decleor Aroma White C Plus Recovery Brightening Night Cream is an overnight treatment that helps smooth out the complexion and prevent the appearance of dark hyperpigmentation areas in the future. Rich shea butter, made from the ripe nuts of the karite tree (Butyrospermum parkii) of Africa provides moisturization.

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