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In our bodies, highly specialized proteins help to direct the activities of cells, helping with everything from wound healing to fighting infections. As children, these growth factor proteins are abundant in our systems and are what help us to mature and grow taller. The older we get, the fewer growth proteins our bodies produce. Over time, this slows down our bodies' abilities to regenerate. For your complexion, the drop in growth factors is one of the primary causes of wrinkles, as without enough of these vital proteins, your skin cells cannot repair the damage caused to them by environmental free radicals.

The Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Products collection is a scientifically-formulated skin care range that helps to stop the visible progression of aging through growth factor supplementation. Developed in South Korea, the Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Products range includes more than 15 unique growth factor complexes that can radically rejuvenate your complexion. To make the Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Products maximally effective, the growth factors are accompanied by peptides, the building blocks of proteins, which help the body manufacture collagen, elastin and other key skin components.

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Additional Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Products Information

Experience the power of revitalizing human growth factors by bringing home Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Products, formulas that use unique biologically-synthesized ingredients to battle the aging process.

Human growth factors are not just vital for healthy skin; they also help to stimulate hair growth and are vital treatments for hair loss. Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hair Concentrating Serum is a daily treatment that imparts human growth factors into the hair follicles. Supportive ingredients in the serum increase blood flow to the scalp, which further accelerates hair growth. The formula is clinically shown to promote thicker, fuller hair in both men and women.

Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Vitalizing Eye Tension Gel halts the visible aging process around the eyes by strengthening the tissue and helping to prevent early expression lines from deepening. Human growth factors and biopeptides are complemented by the actions of collagen. Together, the ingredients cause immediate changes in the firmness of the skin around the eyes and then gradually produce more remarkable, lasting results with repeated use.

Because it is often less pliant and supple than properly hydrated skin, dry skin is far more susceptible to developing premature wrinkles. Dermaheal Cosmeceuticals Hydro Balancing Fluid is a daily anti-aging and hydrating treatment that can help dry skin remain youthful and healthy. A blend of emollients and humectants, including glycerin, provides hydration to the skin by lubricating the cells and drawing moisture from the air into the tissue. The anti-aging complex includes a combination of human growth factors, biopeptides and free radical-fighting antioxidants.

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