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When you wash your face, you remove impurities and excess oil from your complexion, but if you're using an ordinary cleanser, you're leaving behind something that can greatly detract from your appearance. That something is dead skin, which accumulates all over the complexion while new, healthy skin develops beneath. Although the body naturally sheds these dead cells, the natural cellular turnover process is slow and allows dull tissue to remain on the surface of your face for long periods of time. By removing these cells more quickly, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and cut down on the frequency of acne breakouts.

DermaNew Cleansers Products are especially designed to remove dead skin along with the dirt and makeup that's swept away by ordinary facial cleansers. More than just topical soaps or gels, DermaNew Cleansers Products include a hand-held microdermabrasion device that is highly effective at exfoliating the complexion. Despite their effectiveness at resurfacing the skin while they cleanse, the DermaNew Cleansers Products are formulated to be gentle to all types of skin, including mature and sensitive complexions.

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Additional DermaNew Products Information

Effectively eliminate impurities along with dead, dry skin with the DermaNew Cleansers Products.

The DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System is a complete cleansing and exfoliating solution. This unique system includes a hand-held device that uses friction to loosen the hold that dead tissue has upon the new skin that it hides. As you work the tool across your complexion, the crystals slough off dead cells, revealing new skin that is healthier, more youthful and more radiant.

Like clinical microdermabrasion treatments, the DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System can be used to address many types of skin concerns. The system helps to remove to discolored cells from the skin, lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation. When used along areas that are marked by signs of aging, the tool can lessen the depth of fine lines and wrinkles, and its exfoliating actions remove flakes from dry skin. By sweeping away cellular debris, the DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System can even help to tighten enlarged pores and unclog any blockage, lessening the frequency of acne eruptions.

Along with the Dual Action Resurfacing Tool, the DermaNew Facial Rejuvenation System includes the Facial Rejuvenation Formula Microdermabrasion Creme. This rich, topical cream contains fine crystals that enhance the effectiveness of the tool. The formula is designed to purify the pores and soothe sensitive skin during your cleansing and exfoliating treatment. The system also includes a foam applicator and a small brush. The tool should be used for 1 to 2 minutes at a time two to three times per week.

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