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DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management

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Both visible and unseen effects of aging can be addressed by the suite of DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management products. Wrinkles and lines in the skin are simply outward signs of decreased collagen production, coupled with insufficient skin hydration. By boosting collagen health, DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management products work together to help enhance lipid production and cell regeneration. The hydrated skin becomes fuller, smoothing out lines and wrinkles and providing a smoother, more supple and healthier skin.

DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management cleansers remove dead skin cells, excess oils and the pollutants deposited by the environment, leaving the skin prepared for healing botanical extracts that the DermaQuest serums and creams provide. The peptides and enzymes in the DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management products, including ubiquinone (also known as coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10), work with your skin’s natural system to regenerate and maintain healthy cells , while keeping pores and follicles open. At the same time, the DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management antioxidant products help prevent and counteract existing free radicals, providing long-term protection to your skin’s health and appearance.

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Additional DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management Information

The suite of DermaQuest Skin Therapy Age Management products work in concert to improve both the surface and underlying skin structures.

Begin with DermaQuest Skin Therapy Glyco Creamy Cleanser – 15 Percent, which contains effective, but gentle, glycolic acid and botanical extracts to remove dead skin cells, excess oils and other impurities. The prepared skin can then be treated with DermaQuest Skin Therapy Daily Antioxidant Serum. With sodium hyaluronate, the serum can replace this depleted compound in aging skin to reduce surface roughness and flaking and enhance hydration.

DermaQuest Skin Therapy K-Q10 Firming Cream contains kinetin, which promotes skin cell growth, and ubiquinone (also known as co-enzyme Q10), a powerful antioxidant. A twice-daily application of DermaQuest Skin Therapy Peptide Mobilizer, with wheat, palm and rice peptides, stimulates collagen production and skin cell regeneration, allowing the skin to acquire and maintain proper moisturization. This effectively reduces fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a smooth, healthy skin.

Since the eye area is particularly prone to expression lines, DermaQuest Skin Therapy A and M Eye Recovery is particularly formulated to work in that zone. Peptide-rich, the cream is a special combination of botanical ingredients to hydrate and firm the skin at the corners of the eyes. Using a combination of vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid, both very effective antioxidants, the DermaQuest Skin Therapy C-Lipoic Cleanser prepares the skin for additional treatment. Follow with DermaQuest Skin Therapy C-Lipoic Antioxidant Serum and, for special attention to the eye area, DermaQuest Skin Therapy C-Lipoic Eye Therapy can be employed.

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