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The missing ingredient to comprehensive skincare is, often enough, a high-quality exfoliator. Without such a product, which polishes away dead skin-cell layers, our complexion can take on a dull and rough tone, however dutifully we cleanse and moisturize. If you've recognized the need for exfoliation in your skincare regimen, good for you--but don't settle for any old treatment. You want something efficacious but non-irritating. If you're considering the premium products belonging to the dr. brandt Exfoliators family, why not take a few moments and read through the dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews as part of your shopping research?

The dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews represent evaluations and perspectives from customers much like yourself who have tried out these products and want to share something of their experience. Reading these colorful accounts, you'll be tapping into the collective knowledge of your peers and getting insight you can't find anywhere else.

Find links to the dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews on the collection's overview page at, as well as via the individual product profiles. We think you'll find them easy to read and impressively packed with information useful in your quest for high-quality skincare products.

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Pros: pleasant fragrance
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Smoother skin -5/23/2009 5:58:38 PM This product is one of the many Dr Brandt fabulous products I have used. The fine grain white cream goes on really easy and a little goes a long way (this size lasted me almost one year) It is so nice to use before going out and it makes your makeup go on smoother. It definitely takes away all the dead skin cells - you can see the white product turn to beige as it removes the dead skin cells - amazing results -my pores disappear and my skin looks clearer.
BigTom The ATL
experimenter Age Group: 45-54Gender: MSkin Type: combination
Pros: lightweight, it's abrasive. Cons: harsh/abrasive
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Effective but harsh -4/1/2009 10:07:12 PM Very effective, but lacks any subtlety or finesse - very harsh. May be OK for summer, will wear your skin out in winter though. Note: I think it's been reformulated since I used, may be better now. But the Michelle Copeland microderm MUCH better at slightly more than half the cost.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Disappointed -10/28/2008 7:53:13 AM i purchased the product after reading the reviews and caption, but was greatly disappointed with the results as there were none.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
not that great -10/3/2008 5:51:01 PM This is not the best. It's almost the same as Dr Donnell microdermabrasion scrub. but dr brandt is way more expensive than dr donnell. If you guys want a microdermabrasion for home use. Try Lancome. It is the best and feels just like having it done at the spa. It's pricey, but you pay the same amount compare to dr brandt. Dr brandt is over priced and not that great at all.
Linda in AZ
Overall Rating Overall Rating
The Best! -9/19/2008 4:34:24 PM This is the best microdermabrasion cream i have ever used. Not harsh at all and my skin feels like glass its so smooth. Nice clean scent. Skin Store has the best service online!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Excellant for black women -7/15/2008 7:42:21 PM I bought this product about 3 weeks ago and it is excellant. I am a proud 30 year old black woman with honey skin tone. I use this product on my whole body including my face, I can see the difference each time I use it. EXCELLANT PRODUCT, ECONOMICAL & EFFECTIVE.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Works well but expenisve. -1/1/2008 11:49:57 AM Works great. The key is is its moisturizing cream formula. I think the diamond shape magnesium oxide crystals is the same as other products' magnesium oxide crystals.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
I am OBSESSED! -7/30/2007 3:50:34 PM This is hands-down my favorite skin product. I use this once a week (Sunday nights, so I start the week FRESH!) and my skin is incredibly smooth. It absolutely does what it claims, and I will always have a jar of this on hand.
Ahreum Ko
Overall Rating Overall Rating
it's okay -4/27/2007 5:13:47 PM I think maybe I had too high of an expectation. It's fine as an exfoliant but it didn't "boost" the effects of any other products that I use. It's too pricey for what it does.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Incredible! -4/4/2007 7:16:44 PM This product even my skin tone, got rid of my acne scars and fine lines plus it brighten my face instantly. I would recommend it for anybody at any age!
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Additional dr. brandt Reviews Information

Regular and consistent use of a high-quality cleanser can really work wonders for your complexion, washing away the daily accumulation of dirt, oils, makeup, and other impurities that can foster breakouts and wreak havoc with skin tone and texture. That being said, a fine cleanser can't always work deeply and thoroughly enough to shed away the inevitable build-up of dead skin cells everyone deals with. For that, you need a prime exfoliation treatment. We encourage you to learn more about the possibilities of the dr. brandt Exfoliators collection by taking a few minutes to read through the dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews.

Especially when considered alongside some of the other information on the brand that we've made available at, the dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews can help guide you in finding the best exfoliation treatment for your situation, skin type, and desires. Browsing this feedback, you'll pick up all sorts of useful details on items like the dr. brandt Laser A-Peel System, which delivers the power of a dermatological clinic into the privacy and comfort of your own home. This treatment delivers a comprehensive and well-rounded set of services, from exfoliating and moisturizing to calming aggravated skin. There's also the powerful dr. brandt Blemishes No More Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, which thoroughly cleans and exfoliates to reduce blemishes and manage natural skin oils.

If you end up using one of these products, add your own feedback to the dr. brandt Exfoliators Reviews! Others will surely benefit from hearing about your experience.

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