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If you suffer from enlarged pores, those tiny openings on your skin can feel like gaping chasms. Pores that are enlarged and clogged with dirt and debris can make you feel self-conscious and may come with other embarrassing skin care problems like shininess and acne. The primary culprit behind pore enlargement is excessive oil production, which causes the tiny canals that are used to bring oil to the surface of the skin to stretch. To effectively shrink the pores, obliterating blockages and slowing oil production without over-drying the tissue is key, and that's precisely what the dr. brandt Pores No More Products were formulated to do.

A collection developed by dermatologist to the stars, Frederic Brandt, the dr. brandt Pores No More Products help to liberate dead skin, dirt and oil from the pores, breaking down clogs and treating blackheads. The formulas also help your skin maintain control of oil production, which can reduce the appearance of that oily shine and limit the frequency of acne breakouts. Cut your pores down to size with dr. brandt Pores No More Products.

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Say goodbye to enlarged pores, shininess and blackheads. The dr. brandt Pores No More Products are the perfect solutions to problems related to oily skin.

The Dr. Brandt Pores No More Cleanser is the first step in your pore-shrinking skin care regimen. The cleanser contains salicylic acid, which breaks the bonds that hold old skin cells to new ones, allowing them to be lifted away. This gentle exfoliation lessens the amount of debris that invades the pores and, in turn, helps to treat enlarged pores and prevent their return.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner is the perfect cure for an oily shine. The refiner contains proprietary micro-spheres that suck up excess oil, mattifying the complexion upon application. The treatment helps to prepare the skin for makeup application and keeps your cosmetics in place all day. You can also apply the refiner over top of your cosmetics to seal your look in place or use it throughout the day to eliminate shininess when it develops.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Effect is a multi-purpose treatment for problems related to oily skin. White willow bark extract and salicylic acid offer mild exfoliation to clear up acne, while opening the pores and reducing their size. Tea tree oil present in the treatment eliminates bacteria to purify the skin tissue, while rice starch absorbs excess oil to combat shine. The treatment is intended for use once or twice per day, depending on the oil content of the skin.

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