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dr. brandt reviews

Better skin using the best ingredients from nature and science combined is the secret to the success of Dr. Brandt’s products. Over the years, a large number of consumers have relied on Dr. Brandt for beautiful, healthy skin. The Dr. Brandt brand offers an impressive collection of solutions for all skin types and all primary skin concerns. Over the years, Dr. Brandt has acquired quite a following of fans who appreciate the wisdom and care that has gone into each product. Many Dr. Brandt brand loyalists have offered to share their experiences and feedback, providing valuable Dr. Brandt reviews for other shoppers to read.

Although some of the Dr. Brandt reviews come from experienced users of Dr. Brandt products, others are from novices who are just experiencing the brand for the first time. Dr. Brandt reviews are made available for everyone shopping on SkinStore’s site, providing endless information on specific products.

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Love it! -7/17/2005 7:26:34 AM I might be one of the older customers using this product (I'm 51) - but I have found it has made my skin smoother with no breakouts. I also use the Micradermabrasion in a Jar from this line along with a wrinkle reducing line. The combination has done wonders. I love the smell and feel of Poreless and look forward to using it each night under moisturizer.
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PERFECTO!!!!! -8/3/2005 12:14:37 PM This cream is awesome... I have tried every cream there is for oily skin.. I also break out a lot... There is really no words to describe.. you have to just try it for yourself! My face was less oily and there are fewer breakouts.. I have been using it only for a week... I also started using the Microdermbrasion cream from Dr Brandt and the whole line of Poreless... worth the high prices!!!
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Miraculous -8/12/2005 5:02:59 AM This stuff is AMAZING! I am 45 years old. I still tend to have slightly oily skin that doesn't slough easily and HATES EVERYTHING! I also tend to get those "hormone bumps" - you know the ones that hurt but never come to a head. I used this stuff for only a few days and the bumps were gone, my skin was calm and silky and glowing! I love this stuff! It seems to cure everything. A little goes a long way and I only use it every other day now. I won't be without it!
Darlene W
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Love this cream! -9/7/2005 1:17:48 AM Have used this product for almost a month and the breakouts ..probably hormone imbalance? have been almost been eliminated. My pores are smaller. This is a wonderful product!
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highly recommended -11/19/2004 7:59:43 AM I have oily skin and acne problems so someone recommended this product to me (at Sephora). It is great. I have been using it for 3 weeks and it really improuved my skin. Also can be applied to blemishes as spot treatment
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A Great Releif!!! -12/20/2004 8:07:20 PM I used many products before, but none seemed to work as good as these. A nordstrom in Miami, fl. @ Merrick Park introduced it to me, and i could not be happier. It works really well for my redness and itchiness I have. Regularly used as done a wonderfull change. Thank You!!!P.S. I wish the poorless cream did not come in a bottle. Its too small.
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Try it and become a believer -1/29/2005 10:05:35 AM I wanted to try this product because of the other reviews. Am I ever glad that I did. This product is amazing. I've been battling poor skin for 10 years now and overnight this product gave me instant results. Longer use has given me even tone and visibly clearer skin. Pores are less visable too. Skin is smoother than ever too. I want to try Dr. Brandt's other products as well!
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The only gentle item that truly worked for me -4/28/2005 11:13:21 PM I am 26 and I had moderate acne from the age of 13. Sometimes my acne would get a little worse. When I was 25 1/2, I used the Pore Effect for the 1st time and saw good and effective results after four days! I used it everyday sometimes just at PM & other days AM and PM. My skin got clearer and clearer and it never stopped, you don't know how happy I was finally. I soon started using Microdermabrasion in a Jar and Pore Effect at the same time. The cell turnover from the exfoliation in Microdermabrasion in a Jar helped the Pore Effect work to get my skin clearer, faster! These are not lies. Pore Effect is the only gentle, hydrating, effective treatment I've ever found and I will not use anything else. I don't splurge on cleansers and alcohol-free, witch hazel-free toners but I will splurge on Dr. Brandt Pore Effect & Microdermabrasion in a Jar. Dr. Brandt's prices are terrible but his products really do live up to those prices. I hate to say it. Trust me!
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Keratosis Piloris -5/5/2005 2:34:31 PM This product works! Purchased for my daughter in preparation for her prom. Her arms were horrible. Within 5 days there was a vast improvement. We've tried lots of products and prescriptions; nothing worked like this. It made a huge difference in her appearance in formal wear and her confidence.
Sally T.
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Immediate Improvement -5/19/2005 11:00:26 AM I bought this product for my teenage daughter after reading some of the reviews. It made a difference right away. She had terrible acne on her forehead and lots of redness. She has been using for a month and the redness left within days. The bumps have shrank so dramatically that they are hard to see or feel now!
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Additional dr. brandt Reviews Information

On this page you will find the entire collection of Dr. Brandt reviews for every product that we carry from the brand. Because there are so many products and therefore so many Dr. Brandt reviews, you can sort by rating and by date. Once you see a particular product of interest, you can click on the Read All Reviews link to see the feedback for just that product. Individual Dr. Brandt reviews are also available on each product page. Simply click the Read Reviews link or the Reviews tab.

Dr. Brandt reviews all display an overall rating that takes the form of stars. The highest rating is 5 stars. Some of the Dr. Brandt reviews also contain a rating based on Price and Value as well as Ease of Use. Reviewers can elect to choose pros and cons and can even enter their own pros and cons that they find to be applicable to the product being reviewed.

While some of our Dr. Brandt reviews only contain basic information, other reviewers choose to share information about themselves including skin type and age. These are pertinent details when other shoppers are trying to decide if a product is right for them. When writing a review, there is also an option of freely writing about product experience. Many of our seasoned customers have a great deal of experience to share and can even offer advice on how to use and what to expect in addition to making product recommendations. Please consider contributing to the collection of Dr. Brandt reviews if you have every used any of Dr. Brandt’s products.

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