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Skin care is usually thought of as something external, accomplished by applying topical therapeutic treatments onto the skin. Since skin cells are formed deep inside the tissues, before migrating to the surface, wouldn’t it be more effective to influence their health from the very beginning? This is the approach that dr. brandt Supplements Products take. These skin care supplements are formulated to help improve the health of the entire system so that skin cells are nourished even before they become visible.

The goal of dr. brandt Supplements Products is to detoxify the body, promote overall health and prevent cell damage from free oxygen radicals. In this way, the skin cells are made stronger and able to offer a more youthful appearance as part of the complexion. Instead of using pills to transport these detoxifying and antioxidant ingredients into the system, however, dr. brandt Supplements Products are provided in a concentrated liquid to be added to water, beverage or yoghurt. This form does not use fillers or binders, which can interfere with the absorption of the ingredients or reduce their potency.

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Beauty really does come from the inside. At the very least, skin cells originate deep within the tissues before migrating to the surface. By detoxifying the tissues where skin cells are formed, and providing them with antioxidant protection, dr. brandt Supplements Products helps strengthens and improves the complexion even before it becomes visible.

Just one dropper full of dr. brandt Anti-Oxidant Water Booster Original, about 1 ml, added to an 8 fluid ounce glass of water (or tea, or even a container of yoghurt) has the antioxidant benefit equivalent to drinking 15 cups of green tea. And, in fact, green tea and white tea extracts are part of the formula, with a minimum of 90% of the active antioxidant polyphenols from the original source. Also included are the powerful antioxidant benefits of grape seed extract (with a minimum of 95% of the polyphenols) and the antioxidant mogrosides from lo han fruit extract (Siraitia grosvenori, grown in southern China). Lotus leaf extract, used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries to help improve skin conditions, is also included.

Using the original formula, dr. brandt Anti-Oxidant Water Booster Blueberry adds the powerful antioxidant power of blueberry (Vaccinium angustifolium) juice extract. Studies have documented that blueberry extract is one of the most effective antioxidants available.

The formula for dr. brandt Detoxifying Anti-Oxidant Water Booster – Goji and Maqui adds antioxidants from Chinese Lycium barbarum and Aristotelia chilensis from South America to the basic supplement. All of the supplements used in the formulas are 100% natural and are free of caffeine, sugar and calories.

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