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Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators

Exfoliation doesn't just make your skin appear more radiant and feel softer to the touch; regular exfoliation is also the key to combating a number of common skin care problems. Removing dead skin cells helps prevent unsightly acne breakouts by eliminating material from the surface of the skin that can clog your pores. Exfoliating your skin also helps even out your skin texture to make fine lines disappear. Hyperpigmentation and certain skin conditions marked by rashes also benefit from regular exfoliation with a high quality product. When looking for the ultimate products to reap the benefits of exfoliation, your search can quickly end by discovering the Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators collection.

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Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators Products

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Provides the benefits of a spa treatment.
2.5 oz | MC030
An invigorating facial scrub with almond, honey and vitamin C.
2.5 oz | MC017

Additional Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators Information

Leading plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland created the Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators collection based on her experience helping patients deal with a variety of skin care concerns. The Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators lineup not only uses the most effective ingredients on the market, but was also formulated to be extra gentle to limit unwanted side effects. Whatever your skin care concerns may be, trust the Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators.

After years of recommending regular exfoliating to the patients in her practice, plastic surgeon Dr. Michelle Copeland developed her own line of exfoliators, believing that the products then available on the market simply weren't meeting all of her patients' skin care needs. The Dr. Michelle Copeland Exfoliators collection assists your body by hastening the skin cell turnover process, but does so through formulations that are gentle, rather than abrasive. This combination of effectiveness and safety makes the exfoliators perfect for removing dead skin cells without sacrificing the health and beauty of your complexion or exacerbating skin care problems.

Dr. Michelle Copeland Microdermabrasion Formula allows you to enjoy the benefits of a spa quality exfoliating treatment in the comfort of your home. The exfoliator contains alpha hydroxy acids, which loosen the hold that dry, dull skin cells have on your complexion, so that you can quickly eliminate them. To prevent the redness and irritation that can occur with inferior alpha hydroxy treatments, the exfoliator contains a dose of soothing, healing aloe vera extract.

Dr. Michelle Copeland Honey Almond Scrub features natural ingredients at its core for exfoliation that is safe, yet able to produce incredible results. Sweet almond seed meal in the formula helps to slough off old skin cells as you massage the scrub against your face. Vitamin C present in the formula boosts the skin cell turnover process through its chemical properties and also brightens dull complexions. Honey in the scrub eliminates inflammation and helps treat eczema.

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