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Poorly hydrated skin is even less capable of contending with the rigors of aging than otherwise. Dry tissues are all the more vulnerable to creases, wrinkles, and decreasing elasticity. A high-quality moisturizer is necessary in the fight against signs of aging—one that truly nourishes the skin inside and out while specifically targeting problem areas. Conceived of by Dr. Michelle Copeland, a distinguished plastic surgeon in New York, the Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers collection may be your answer to fully hydrating aging skin—and achieving the fresh- and vibrant-looking complexion you absolutely deserve. Start the process today by reading through the Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews.

The Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews are made up of feedback from other shoppers who’ve tried out these treatments and have a thing or two to say about them. After you’ve finished boning up on the ingredients, the directions, the company philosophy, and all the other details we’ve offered on the collection’s main page and the individual product profiles, take in these customer evaluations: They can give you a whole new perspective on the possibilities and answer questions you hadn’t even thought to ask yet.

See you over at the Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews!

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Silky smooth -3/3/2007 2:12:35 AM I love this moisturizer. It makes my skin so smooth without smelling it up with fragrance. It's the best I have ever used. Highly recommend.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Fantastic -3/4/2007 6:35:39 AM This moisturizer really works. I am glad Dr Copeland now has a moisturizer without SPF and without fragrance. It really helps my dry skin like nothing else I have tried.
Myler california
brandLoyalist Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: absorbs quickly, smooth texture Cons: i used this up pretty quickly
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
dermatology grade AHA body treat -8/25/2012 10:30:29 AM Loved the percent of AHA in this product and the texture which was almost gel-like compared to other AHA products which can be like paste. I really feel this helps my skin with cell-turnover vs just moisturizing. However, it goes fast! I used it once a day - if that, and I went through it in a month. So the price per ratio of product is not great. But this would not stop me from buying it again.
kathrynBK Red Bank, NJ
productJunkie Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: sensitive
Pros: absorbs quickly, gentle, lightweight, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
This stuff is fantastic! -9/10/2010 11:37:51 AM Wonderful non-greasy lotion. I saw an improvement in my skin's texture right away!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Everyone notices! -12/29/2005 8:34:13 PM Women (and even men)now comment how my face looks "radiant," "glowing" or "youthful." This product has made an enormous difference for me in my 40s. Results are fast. Use it twice a day with a sunscreen after it in the morning. I highly recommend it and it's not $200!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Works great! -4/12/2007 3:57:54 PM I use this product before I put on my tanning cream and it works great! My tan is much more even and last longer than it would otherwise. It also makes my skin look fresher and healthier. Em. My beauty secrets: Absolue SPF15 by Lancome, Skin Revitalizer by Relastin, and Melon Daiquiri Lip Shine by Philosophy
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: absorbs quickly, lightweight
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Love this -7/26/2010 9:01:17 AM It's great that this has SPF30 and is easy to apply. It's good to use year round.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Loved it -1/27/2007 6:20:37 AM Talk about smooth without being greasy and pore clogging. This is terrific and when I use it with the hydrating mist my skin is fabulous. And I love that there is no fragrance and that Dr Copeland's products are not tested on animals
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Loved it?!.. not so much -2/5/2007 11:50:43 AM I can't evaluate this moisturizer on its beneifts, because I am not sure whether the (rather good) condition of my skin is because of my lifestyle and use of other products (cleanser, sunscreen, exfoilator) or because of this moisturizer. Plus, I am 28 years old, and I think this product is marketed as a product for "ageing" skin. I can rate on its characterisitics. Not good I say. It has a consisitency of one of those waterproof suncreens or diaper ointments. It does not spread on or abosrb into the skin very well. However, I am not using that water spray with as the directions say I should. I did, however, apply the moisturizer with damp hands (damp with tap water). It did not help. In fact, it made it harder to apply the lotion. Plus, I don't get that soft, clean feeling I get from using my daytime moisturizer (Neutrogena w/sunscreen). I only got this lotion because I wanted a moisturizer with anti-oxidants to use at bedtime. I am not planning on buying this product again. I gave it 3 smiles because at least it is not making me break out into acne or rashes or anything else that is really "bad."
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Additional Dr. Michelle Copeland Reviews Information

Neglecting comprehensive moisturizing when attempting to minimize the appearance of aging symptoms is inadvisable. To combat the conspicuousness of deep-set wrinkles, radiating crow’s feet, dark shadows, and other common age-related features, you want to muster all the tools in your skincare arsenal—and a proper moisturizer is one of the fundamentals of everyday skincare regardless of your age. The Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers are inspired by this quest and formulated to that end. But don’t stop by a quick glance at what’s available: Deepen your knowledge with some time spent at the Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews.

The Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews give you the unique opportunity to hear from those who have direct, empirical familiarity with these treatments. You’ll read stories and opinions, peruse listed pros and cons as well as starred ratings—evaluating price/value, ease-of-use, and overall satisfaction. Coupled with other pertinent details—such as a given reviewer’s skin type and age—these Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews become truly formidable resources, and make it that much easier to decide on a forever-young moisturizer treatment that works for you.

You’ll garner a deeper understanding of the Dr. Michelle Copeland AHA Body Smoothing Lotion, which brings 12-percent alpha hydroxy acid and kojic acid as well as the balm of cucumber extract to the fight against an age-ravaged complexion. You’ll also learn more about the Dr. Michelle Copeland Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30, which, in addition to hydrating, helps you prevent the sun damage that can worsen aging symptoms.

What are you waiting for? Come check out the Dr. Michelle Copeland Moisturizers Reviews!

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