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eGift certificate terms & conditions

  1. eGift Certificates are subject to SkinStore’s a) Terms and Conditions of Use and b) Privacy Statement.
  2. eGift Certificates can be redeemed only at the web store. You agree to use the eGift Certificate only for legitimate purchases of merchandise through or catalog-and not for the purpose of obtaining cash from SkinStore. You may not return merchandise obtained with the certificate for a cash refund. will have the right to close customer accounts and request alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained gift certificate or gift card is either redeemed through the web store or is redeemed and used to make purchases on the web stores.
  3. You can use eGift Certificates to choose from thousands of items. They also apply to shipping fees and sales tax. eGift Certificates cannot be used to pay for other eGift Certificates.
  4. To use a eGift Certificate, you'll need to open an account at and provide a valid credit card number.
  5. It is your responsibility to know the amount of funds available on the eGift Certificate at the time of purchase. If your desired purchase amount exceeds the eGift Certificate value, simply pay the balance with another payment method accepted by If a purchase is lower than the eGift Certificate value, the same certificate code may be applied to another purchase at a later date.
  6. SkinStore is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed eGift Certificates, except as required by law. The risk of a lost eGift Certificate falls on the purchaser upon SkinStore's release of the electronic transmission.
  7. To request information regarding the status of a particular eGift Certificate, contact Customer Support. The certificate code is required for all inquiries.
  8. In the event that your eGift Certificate code is non-functional, please contact Customer Support for a replacement.
  9. eGift Certificate balances and certificate codes are non-transferable.
  10. There is no expiration date on eGift Certificates.
  11. eGift Certificates cannot be purchased with a discount and at purchase do not count as part of a total for an order that is eligible for a dollar-off or tiered discount.
  12. Orders containing only eGift Certificates do not qualify for free samples or gifts with purchase; those items available on redemption.
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