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BeautyTalk from SkinStore

February 2008
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Healthy Skin For Life

Welcome to the first edition of Beauty Talk, your ticket to healthy skin for life. Each month you'll find useful information and tips from our estheticians, recommendations from our staff (we try everything!), plus an article from an industry professional. This month we're pleased to feature Dr. Leslie Baumann, Director of Cosmetic Dermatology, University of Miami School of Medicine.

Tell us your skin care concerns or ideas for features you'd like to see. Send us your comments at Discover your healthy skin.

Dr. Leslie Baumann

Leslie Baumann, M.D.
Your Skin Type - to the Letter

Did you know that the earliest talk of skin types, cosmetics giant Helena Rubinstein's categories of dry, oily, sensitive, and combination, dates to the early 1900s? It was a great start —but we've come a long way since turn–of–the–century beauty mavens were told to...

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the Insider
Daily Peel Pads Daily Peel Pads

More and more skin care companies are offering consumers daily peel pads as part of an everyday regimen for healthy skin. While almost everyone can benefit from these convenient pads, it's best to know how to use them...

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get Smart
Cosmeceuticals Revealed Cosmeceuticals Revealed

Noted as one of the most rapidly expanding categories in the personal care industry, cosmeceuticals are a combination of both cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. The term—sometimes misunderstood— refers to...

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beauty Wise
The Esthetician Says How Can Vitamin A Enhance My Skin Care Regimen?

Vitamin A (also known as retinol, Retin–A, renova, retinyl palmitate and tretinoin) is not only an excellent antioxidant, it is also cell–communicating...

>More About Vitamin A

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Glamour Tip

Do you need a blemish gone by the weekend but you're completely out of acne spot treatment?

Here's a quick fix: apply a dab of basic white toothpaste (paste, not gel, and not the whitening type as they contain stronger chemicals) to cleansed spot before going to bed. It will dry out the blemish and get the cycle over more quickly. In the morning it should be much less noticeable. If it's still bright red, try placing a Visine soaked cotton ball on it for a few minutes and it should, well, get the red out! If you still see redness and have an important event to attend, try dabbing the spot with a little eyebrow pencil — you'll have an instant beauty mark and no more blemish.

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