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The Product Files From Skinstore

February 22, 2008
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You've been telling us that you want more information about the products we offer. We heard you. Welcome to The Product Files. This is the first edition of our monthly guide to the latest in skin care.

Each month you'll see top-rated products preferred by SkinStore customers, get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions and find information to help you choose products that are right for you.

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Spotlight: The Power of Peptides

Peptides are an important topic in skin care these days due to their ability to restore tone and texture to aging skin. It's no secret that over time, skin loses its resiliency. This loss of elasticity results in visible fine lines, wrinkles and an uneven surface. To make matters worse, many of us are constantly exposed to external contributors like pollution, stress and the sun which are just as...

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5 Star Beauty

Don't take our word for it. See what SkinStore customers say:

SensiClear 60 Day Deluxe Acne System

60 Day Deluxe Acne System

I'm Sold!
... I have tried EVERYTHING to clear up my acne. I am on my third day and I am already seeing great results. — Anna

HydroPeptide Intensive concentrate Anti-Aging Corrective Creme

Intensive Concentrate
Anti-Aging Corrective Creme

This product does all it says it can and more. I love it. My skin felt smoother and refreshed immediately after using it... — Leah

Billion Dollar Brows Tweezers


Billion Dollar Brows

Finally! Tweezers that actually pluck the hair!
I love my BDB tweezers. These are a must-have for every woman!
Chrissy H.


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Linda from San Diego, CA asks...
What's the difference between
Prevage Anti-Aging Treatment by Elizabeth Arden/Allergan and Sovage Idebenol?

Although the products have similar ingredients, the actual antioxidants are different. Prevage contains an antioxidant by the name of Idebenone or Co-Q-9...
>Read the complete answer

Prevage vs. Sovage

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D.I.Y. Tools of the Trade
Mini-Marvel Red from Ageless Beauty.

Dermatologists have been using light therapy for years with great results and now with the Mini-Marvels, it's finally available for home use. The Mini-Marvel Red goes beyond creams and serums to treat aging skin using this unique, cutting edge technology. This convenient treatment system is painless, easy to use and highly effective at combating imperfections associated with aging skin.

Find out more about light therapy technology:

Mini-Marvel Blue and Green options from Ageless Beauty.

Mini-Marvel Red for Anti-Aging
Mini-Marvel Blue for Acne
Mini-Marvel Green for Brown Spots

This Month's Secret Ingredient
diamonds A girl's best friend - of course!

Did you know? This precious mineral has properties that can improve your appearance when formulated into skin care products.

Which products from SkinStore contain diamonds?  >Find Out

From the Experts

Ada Polla Tray, President, Alchimie Forever


Ada Polla Tray, President
Alchimie Forever

Alchimie Forever — Diode 1+2 SerumsWhen I want to feel an instant lift, especially before I go out on a Friday night after a long week, I wash my face and apply 3 pumps of Diode 1+2 serums. I layer them right on top of each other and let them soak in. My skin tightens and brightens, and my makeup is that much easier to apply.

What's Hot: Our best sellers and top movers.
Kinerase Ultimate Regimen Kit SkinCeuticals Gentle Cleanser Joey New York Quick Whitehead Dissolver Duo NuFace Device DS Laboratories Spectral DNC

Ultimate Regimen Kit

Gentle Cleanser

Joey New York
Quick Whitehead Dissolver Duo


DS Laboratories
Spectral DNC

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