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June 2009
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Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo Yoshiko Roth-Hidalgo
Co-founder of Juara Skincare

Summer Skin Care Tips

Summer is almost here — the excitement is palpable, especially in New York City, where I live. What isn’t there to like about summer — the warm weather, outdoor cafes, outdoor beer gardens, light-as-air sundresses!

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the Insider
Turn Your Backside into Your Best Asset Turn Your Backside into Your Best Asset
Has gravity taken its toll on your booty? Has the cellulite fairy been marking your derrière with her signature cottage cheese stamp? It's a fact that the signs of aging don't just show up...

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get Smart
Dermelect’s Key to
'Ageless & Youthful Hands' Dermelect’s Key to
'Ageless & Youthful Hands'
Peptide Infused Innovations for the Remedy & Protection of Damaged Nails

When it comes to revealing, or concealing your true age, the hands are huge indicators. We go to great lengths to prevent the signs of aging on our faces and necks, but it's the hands...

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beauty Wise
The Esthetician Says The Benefits of Copper Peptides

Copper is a ubiquitous part of our world, from currency to architectural flourishes. It is also an essential element found in all plants and animals, occurring in the human body in muscle and bone tissue…

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Men's Products We Love

Hey guys, great-looking skin isn't just for women. See what our staff has picked as their favorites that go beyond soap and water.

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aMENity Anti-Breakout Gel
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Anthony Logistics Perfect Shave Kit
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Glamour Tip

Can sun protection be fashionable?

Sun Protection

You know better than to leave the house without sunscreen (you do know that, right?), but if you're concerned about looking like the stereotypical lifeguard of days past, fear not. Sun protection has come a long way since the tell-tale smudge of white gunk on your nose.

Thanks to new technology, there are several paths to broad-spectrum sun protection that are not only effective, but cosmetically elegant as well. Many daily moisturizers contain SPFs of at least 15. If you’d like a bit more protection, try SkinMedica TNS Ultimate Daily Moisturizer SPF 20. Colorescience's SunForgettable line offers SPF 30 in convenient brush, powder puff and roll-on applicators.

If you don't want to add yet another step to your morning regimen, bareMinerals Foundations all have an SPF of 15. Peter Thomas Roth UnWrinkle Instant Mineral SPF30 glides on over makeup, provides anti-aging benefits and will have you out the door after a few quick swipes of the applicator brush.

Get out there and have your fun in the sun—just make sure you give your skin a fighting chance against the elements.


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