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October 17, 2008
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This month, The Product Files brings you how to combat aging challenges plus, we’re revealing last month’s Your Turn results. You’ll also find top-rated products preferred by SkinStore customers, and in Q & A, learn how supplements help the appearance of skin. This month’s Expert, Ben Kaminsky, founder of B. Kamins and a pharmaceutical chemist, offers his tip on how to achieve longer, fuller and healthier lashes even without makeup, and in DIY: Tools of the Trade, discover Ted Gibson’s best hair tools. Have a product-related question or comment? Tell us at . Keep looking beautiful.

Your Turn: Where do you stack up?

We’re all on the lookout for ways to achieve our full beau-tential. Have you discovered a trick that’s convenient, easy, for on-the-go, or just so helpful you use it on a regular basis?

Here’s your chance to share with hundreds of thousands of women from coast-to-coast and beyond. We’ll list your top beauty tips next month. Stay tuned.

What's your best beauty trick?


Last month’s Your Turn results...
Do you use beauty products that multi-task? Yes!

5 Star Beauty

Don’t take our word for it. See why these select products have earned the highest marks:

PCA SKIN pHaze 24 Rejuvenating Serum

5 Stars
Love it
“My skin looks and feels better than it ever has in my entire life. I'm 52.”

Belli Eye Brightening Cream

5 Stars
Miracle Worker

“... I can use concealer over it and it glides over the skin and looks so natural. I'm totally hooked!” — Mandy C.

L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil

5 Stars

“The scent is intoxicating and my husband loves the way it makes my skin silky smooth.” — Rachel

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Spotlight: Combat Aging
Combat Aging

Six Challenges Women Face

Aging is an inevitable part of life and while we can’t stop the aging process, we can help our skin look its best as it passes through the decades. Identifying the biggest challenges of aging skin is the first step in determining how to treat an increasingly challenging complexion.


Q&A Jenna from Rochester, New York asks…
"How do supplements help my skin?"

Nourishing our bodies from the inside out is one of the most significant attributing factors to healthy skin. The most effective method? Nutrients derived from our diet. Unfortunately, not everyone has the time or know-how to be consistently successful. However, nutritional supplements have become...

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D.I.Y. Tools of the Trade
Ted Gibson Professional Styling Tools

Ted Gibson Professional Styling Tools featuring Nano Fuzeion® Technology

Nano Fuzeion® Technology is a combination of three distinct Nano Technologies (Nano Ti + Nano TiO2 + Nano Ag) giving hair enhanced styling and health benefits.

Nano Titanium boosts the hair’s ability to absorb moisture for better conditioning and shine. Both Nano Titanium Oxide and Nano Silver cleanse and purify hair from toxins and bacteria residue. The results from this innovative Nano Fuzeion® Technology? Amazing, vibrant hair!

This Month's Secret Ingredient
pomegranate pomegranate

The pomegranate is more than a delicious, exotic looking fruit. Rich in antioxidants, it promotes healing, and by accelerating skin cell repair, this ingredient plays an important role in skin care products. Serve up a daily serving of pomegranate for healthier skin.

From the Experts
Ben Kaminsky

Ben Kaminsky, Founder & Chemist

As we age, lashes become thin and brittle, and the problem of lash loss is of greater cosmetic concern. My new advanced eyelash conditioner contains a powerful, revitalizing complex and clinically proven ingredients that get to the root of lackluster lashes and will leave you with longer, fuller lashes.

The product works best when applied at night on clean lashes. Cleanse the eye area with a soothing, gentle, non-drying wash, like my Vegetable Skin Cleanser and then follow with the Eyelash Fortifier.

The precision-dosage applicator is simple to use and guarantees that the right amount of product will come out every time so you don’t end up wasting product. You truly won’t believe your eyes when you see the incredible results.

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Billion Dollar Brows Brow Boost MOOM Organic Hair Removal Kit RevitaLash Deluxe Set Tweezerman Limited-Edition Precision in Pink Trind Natural Nail Repair

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