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EmerginC In Sun reviews

The sun’s rays are a threat to all skin types. Whether you have dry or oily skin, your skin needs daily protection against the elements. The EmerginC shields your skin from damaging ultraviolet light while supplying it with vitamins and antioxidants to nourish and repair skin cells stressed by exposure to the environment. Their sun protective products offer broad-based protection to shield your skin from rays that cause sunburn as well as those that cause premature aging. With this line of products, you’ll feel protected every time you walk out the door. Find out what other customers are saying about this line of sun products by visiting the EmerginC In Sun Reviews page.

When you want to know more about the product line and you want unbiased information, visit the EmerginC In Sun Reviews page. Here you’ll find product ratings and reviews you can use to compare one product to another. Reviewers use a five-star scale to rate products and most leave comments to explain why they rated a product the way they did. To access reviews from the introductory page, click on the EmerginC In Sun Reviews link. To read reviews on a single product, click on the “reviews” tab on the product’s description page.

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Annie54 PA
brandLoyalist Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Cons: greasy, sticky, heavy, clogs pores
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Change it back! -1/24/2012 12:02:02 PM After years of using the "brown bottle" product and loving it I was forced to try the new product. What a disappointment. I felt as if I were putting a plastic coating on my face. I continued to order it in hopes that the manufacturer would figure it out. They haven't. When I see a new container, I will know they have changed the formula - hopefully back to, or close to, the original. Why mess with a good thing? You have lost me and my friends.
SaraP CA
brandLoyalist Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: absorbs quickly, pleasant fragrance, gentle, lightweight, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
They changed it again...for the better -10/16/2011 10:53:39 AM I totally agree with "Beauty Editor" when they changed the formula the 1st was awful and I vowed (after using for years) to find a new product. While searching for a suitable replacement , I ran out so ordered it one more time. Well they seemed to have changed it again and now, while its still not as excellent as the original version, its definitely improved for the last batch. The tint is still a tiny bit more pink than it used to be (most skin tones are yellow based and this used to be the perfect beige color), so the coverage is not as good, but it still provides enough to smooth out my skin tone and blends to invisible (I have medium skin). The formula is not as gel-like as it used to be...its now more creamy, but the grease is gone and the watery residue at the bottom of the tube is gone as well. It doesn't make my oily skin oiler any more, and provides excellent sun protection. I'm still looking for the perfect replacement, but until then I will continue to use.
Maliez32 NYC, NY
productJunkietop250Contributor Age Group: Under 25Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: absorbs quickly, lightweight, smooth texture
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
BEST SPF -11/30/2010 8:11:28 PM The Tinted SPF 30 is the best purchase I have ever made. I can now feel comfortable wearing SPF on my face and get some great tinted coverage!
BeautyEditor Orange County, California
Age Group: 25-34Gender: FSkin Type: combination
Pros: gentle, smooth texture Cons: greasy
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
Bring the Old Formula Back! -10/21/2010 2:30:21 PM I have been using this EmerginC product for over 5 years. When I first started using it, it came in a brown bottle. The packaging looked dated, but the formula was perfect! It was gentle on my skin (I have very sensitive skin and break out with a lot other moiturizers), and it has a good SPF, but wasn't greasy at all. A few bottles ago, they changed their formula. It has a different tint color and is greasy! I vowed to change to another brand, but so far haven't found anything out there that is better despite the disdain for the new formula. I am still on the look out, but until then, I will be using EmerginC.
casey2009 nyc
productJunkie Age Group: 45-54Gender: FSkin Type: dry
Pros: absorbs quickly, lightweight, smooth texture, great protection
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
emerginc -10/5/2009 8:39:38 AM love this product great protection i ride & am in the sun for hours great product
Tammi Boston
productJunkie Age Group: 35-44Gender: FSkin Type: oily
Cons: greasy
Overall Rating Overall Rating Price/Value Price/ValueEase of Use Ease of Use
CHANGED MY MIND!! -8/21/2009 3:03:50 PM I used to love this product! I hated the old packaging but with the new tube came a new product. It is a different color and consistency. The color is weird and it now leaves a greasy sheen where before it evened out and left a natural finish on my super oily skin. WHY???? Please bring the last formula back!!!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
LOVE/HATE! -7/4/2008 7:27:10 AM I love this product! It helps keep my super oily skin in check and the tint gives my darker skin a nice even finish. The problem is the packaging. It is very hard to open and very messy. I ripped the cap off and got some on the wall & it took the paint off. Don't know what that's all about but I love it on my face with or without makeup. PLEASE CHANGE THE PACKAGING!
Overall Rating Overall Rating
New love! -5/29/2008 6:27:57 AM I used to use Clinique's tinted moisturizer (SPF15) but this one blows it out of the water! I use it instead of makeup and love it! I do have discolorations due to sun damage (I'm a 50+) so also use a fine dusting of a mineral powder over it as well. It lasts all day, doesn't "cake" in lines or pores and stays fresh looking all day long.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Best SS Ever! -7/5/2007 11:01:04 AM I've been using this for 2 years now and its the best 30+ I've found. Doesn't cause my mostly oily skin to have breakouts and actually helps keep oil in check. I have medium olive skin and this evens out my skin tone and makes my skin glow. I don't have to use foundation over it at all. Just the greatest tinted ss out there.
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Additional EmerginC Reviews Information

When you put on a sun protective product, you don’t want it to feel sticky or greasy. EmerginC’s In Sun products are light and non-greasy and absorb quickly without leaving a residue. For days when you want sun protection that also provides light coverage, EmerginC Sun 30 Tinted gives you a hint of color. Use it to replace foundation on days when you don’t want heavy coverage. Whether you want a hint of tint or clear protection from the sun’s damaging rays, EmerginC has you covered. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the EmerginC In Sun Reviews page.

When you reach the EmerginC In Sun Reviews page, you’ll discover a variety of resources including product ratings and reviews on products you can access any time. Products are rated on a five-star scale and you can easily sort reviews based on highest rated products or by most recently rated. After reviewing the product ratings, spend some time reading the comments reviewers leave to find out why they rated it the way they did. Many reviewers list the pros and cons of a product and make suggestions on how to get the most benefits out of a product.

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