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Whether you're fighting the signs of aging that have marred your complexion or the acne blemishes that have left your skin red and irritated, all complexions need proper amounts of moisture to look their best. Moisturizers are the skin care products that help you replenish moisture to the tissue, and you'll find hundreds of moisturizing formulas available on the market to meet the hydration needs of your skin. Among the many moisturizers sold in stores, none can boast the highly advanced and effective formulas found in the EmerginC Moisturizers Products collection.

The hydrating formulas included in the EmerginC Moisturizers Products range rely on natural ingredients, not synthetic chemicals, whenever possible. In addition to emollients and humectants that return moisture to the skin tissue, the moisturizers also contain vitamin C and exfoliating enzymes derived from citrus fruits. These ingredients serve as remedies for many common skin care concerns, including wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, skin roughness and acne. Because of these ingredients, EmerginC Moisturizers Products are not only effective hydrators, but they also function as treatments to help you meet your skin care goals.

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Discover the difference that fruit extracts and other natural ingredients can make for the beauty of your complexion with EmerginC Moisturizers Products.

The EmerginC D Red Nighttime Strengthening Balm meets the moisture needs of sensitive skin that is showing symptoms of redness and flushing. Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil and olive oil soften the skin while replenishing moisture. The natural extracts included in the formula help to strengthen the blood vessels in the skin to prevent broken capillaries. Designed for use every night, the moisturizer evens out the skin tone while soothing the tissue with aloe vera extract.

The EmerginC Earth Hydrating Phytelene Cream is an intensive, therapeutic moisturizer for complexions that have begun to show signs of aging due to deficiencies in elastin and collagen structural proteins. The formula contains EmerginC's phytelene, a mineral-rich, plant-based complex that provides the skin cells with materials for manufacturing new protein fibers. Natural emollients like olive oil and borage seed oil are featured in the formula to meet the moisture needs of aging complexions.

The EmerginC Hyper Vitalizer Cream is an excellent daily moisturizer for sensitive complexions and those who have begun to notice the first signs of aging on their skin. The formula contains a blend of antioxidants, including coenzyme Q10, alpha-lipoic acid and vitamins C and E. Together, these nutrients protect the skin cells from damage due to free radicals in the environment, helping to minimize symptoms associated with the aging process. The formula also fights inflammation as it hydrates.

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