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Everyday wear and tear on your skin can deplete it of the moisture it needs to thrive. Exposure to cold, dry air; the sun’s powerful rays; and other environmental elements can strip your skin of moisture, even if your day begins with a moisturizing routine. Evian Spray Products moisturize the outer layer of your skin, helping it hold up better against the challenges it faces every day. Evian Spray Products feature Evian mineral water, which has a mineral composition and neutral pH that can refresh and invigorate your skin. By spritzing on these products anytime your skin feels dry and dehydrated, you can infuse the layers of your skin with hydration throughout the day. Better hydrated skin is healthier, more radiant skin, making Evian Spray Products an important part of any well-rounded skin care routine.

You might moisturize in the mornings before you apply your makeup. However, you do not want to reapply moisturizer on top of your makeup throughout the day. Evian Spray Products work well with your makeup—hydrating your skin without disturbing your overall cosmetic look. Perfect your look with a spritz of moisture throughout the day.

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Additional Evian Spray Products Information

The outer layers of your skin are susceptible to drying out, so you need an effective way to quench this thirsty skin. Evian Spray Products deliver much-needed hydration to your skin. Enjoy nourished, radiant skin with that visible glow as a result.

Rehydrate your skin with Evian Mineral Water Spray. Throughout the day, your skin can be stripped of moisture due to heat, dry air, or other environmental factors. This spray revives your skin, nourishing it with the hydration it needs to look its best. Sunburned or wind-chapped skin can be soothed and hydrated thanks to this spray. You can even improve your makeup look with this environmentally safe spray. Use the spray several times a day for ultimate nourishment.

Evian Spray Trio includes three travel-size misters that are a perfect addition to your purse, suitcase, or briefcase. Evian Mineral Water Spray is the perfect replenishment for dry and dehydrated skin. If your skin is depleted of moisture by the day’s end, this spray can promote day-long hydration. These travel-size bottles make it easy to bring hydration with you everywhere you go. You can use this spray anytime your skin needs a burst of moisture, thus helping to create the radiant glow you have always wanted.

The skin on your face and neck is susceptible to drying out, resulting in a dull, lifeless appearance. Evian Spray Purse/Travel Size Spray allows you to have access to replenishing moisture all of the time, even when you’re on the go. You can use this Evian skin care atomizer several times a day, spritzing it first on your neck, moving slowly toward the face. Dab away excess spray, and enjoy your renewed and replenished skin.

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