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Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators

While many people are diligent about washing their faces, they often forget the essential step of exfoliation. This is a process by which the top layers of dead skin cells are eliminated from the complexion surface. While cleansing can remove some of these cells, Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators do a much more thorough job of refining the skin’s surface and ridding the complexion of problem causing impurities. Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators promote a clear, smooth and even complexion, helping other products in your skin care regimen perform better.

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Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators Products

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This at-home peel helps to brighten skin and smooth out texture along with lines and wrinkles.
13 ct | EX076
These daily peel pads are formulated to exfoliate and deliver potent antioxidant protection against aging.
36 ct | EX105
Powerful treatment with a unique blend of physical, chemical and enzyme rejuvenators.
2.6 oz | EX121
Resurface dull, rough skin and restore silky softness to arms and legs with this potent treatment.
6 oz | EX136

Additional Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators Information

Be sure to add Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators to your weekly routine. This will help ensure proper absorption of your hydrators and treatment products. Applying products to dirty, clouded skin is like showering while fully clothed. Make sure you prepare your skin for moisture and active ingredients by starting with a clean slate. Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators encourage a faster rate of skin cell turnover which can result in smoother, firmer skin with less noticeable wrinkles and dark spots. Exfoliating regularly can also clear pores and reduce the chances of breakouts. Not wonder this is such an important step.

Be sure your skin care routine is complete by adding Exuviance by NeoStrata Exfoliators to the mix of products. The refining aids will help your other products perform better and will improve the overall quality and appearance of your skin.

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 is a professional grade peel with a whopping 25% exfoliant content. This is a two step system that eliminates dead, dull skin cells and rejuvenates the skin by increasing the rate of skin cell turnover. The deep exfoliation boosts collagen production to encourage a smoother and firmer surface. Regular use of the Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 can help to diminish the look of fine lines and wrinkle as well as dark spots and patches that usually form as the results of excess sun exposure. Enlarged pores are also minimized and blemish prone skin can enjoy clear pores with fewer breakouts. Over time the skin looks brighter and more radiant. This is a powerful peeling product that should be used with caution to avoid irritation. It can be used up to twice weekly for more tolerant skin and those who are accustomed to using glycolic acid.

The Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 uses acids to break up the substance that holds dead skin cells together, a method referred to as chemical exfoliation. Another method of exfoliation is known as physical. This involves using granules to polish and refine the skin’s surface. This is how Exuviance Rejuvenating Bionic Scrub works. Gentle granules slough the dead skin cells to reveal a more even skin surface. Anti-aging ingredients offer additional benefits that protect and rejuvenate the skin. This is a gentle product that leaves the skin soft and balanced.

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