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Cleansing, toning and moisturizing are three basic steps you need to do every day for healthy skin. But sometimes you need more intensive treatment to address skin care issues like sun damage, uneven skin tone and discolorations. That’s why Neostrata developed their Exuviance line of treatment products. These treatments go beyond the basics to offer more focused and intensive therapy. Not only do they help to address skin issues like premature aging and dark skin pigmentation, they provide additional protection against the environment so you can prevent future skin problems. Confused about which products to select? One helpful resource is the Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews page. Here, customers share their experiences with specific products in the line to give you additional insights on how the products work.

Begin your exploration of the products by reading the product descriptions and learning more about the benefits each product offers. Find out what’s in the products by clicking on the “ingredients” tab on the product description page. Then go to the Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews page where you’ll find customer-generated ratings and comments on the products. The Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews page is a way to get an “inside look” at how the products perform so you can make smarter choices.

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Real results !! -3/6/2006 4:13:23 PM This is the 1st and only thing on my face I was it at night (with the cleansing gel also by exuviance) it takes the stress of the day and leaves you refreshed by a.m! Goes great at night with the recovery cream also by exuviance..this product worth every penny and lasts! Recomend for those serous about great skin!
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okay -11/19/2005 11:33:55 PM This product didn't make a noticeable difference on my skin. One problem I had with it was that it didn't absorb well: it sort of sat on my skin and flaked off!
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Really good product for the price -8/17/2005 8:24:05 AM I have been using this for several months and my skin is always so much smoother. I stopped using it and noticed a big difference in my skin tone.
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really good product -6/2/2005 2:42:06 PM
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another mositurizer -1/11/2005 6:21:53 PM been using it for 5 months, like a regular night cream. Too greasy for the summer time.
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Amazing -1/23/2004 8:02:17 AM This is an excellent moisturizer. I have dry skin, and this really does the trick without being greasy. And it smells and feels wonderful!
Elissa S, NY
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Great Results -1/30/2003 2:25:56 PM I've been using the Vespera Bionic Serum for about 2 years. It seems like it's expensive, but it's really not. I just dab a dot on each cheek, my neck and forehead and then blend it over my skin. I'm forty-nine and a half years old and people are shocked when I tell them I'll be 50. I used to get little bumps on my cheeks. They weren't zits, but they looked like it. Since I've been using this,my skin is like velvet. I stopped for about 6 months, and the little bumps came back. I started up again about two months ago and my skin is really nice.
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Additional Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews Information

The world of skin care products isn’t always easy to navigate. There are many products competing for your attention that all claim to be the “best.” Wouldn’t it be nice to know how they’ve worked for other shoppers? The Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews page is your connection to shoppers who have tried the products and shared their experiences. This invaluable resource will help you sort through the different options and choose products that are best for your own needs.

To access reviews on all of the products in the treatments line, click on the Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews link on the introductory page. From here, you’ll arrive at a list of customer reviews and rankings. You can also access reviews on a specific product in the line by clicking on the “reviews” tab adjacent to the product description. Each reviewer includes information on their skin type and age so you can see how the products perform for people with skin similar to your own. Each review includes three product ranking based on value, ease-of-use and an overall product rating. To refine you search further, you can sort the reviews based on publication date or by highest ranked products. By reading a variety of customer reviews, you’ll quickly learn the pros and cons of a particular product.

Once you’ve made your selections and tried the products, please come back and share your experience by writing Exuviance by NeoStrata Reviews of your own. When you do, you’ll be giving back to the community and helping others make their own product selections. We always appreciate your feedback and reviews.

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