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Facial Hair

What is Facial Hair?

This is a growth of hair on chin, cheeks, or upper lip. Factors such as simple genetics, menopause, obesity and even some medications can be the cause of increased hair growth on the face. However, an increase in facial hair is not necessarily as sign of any medical problems.


There are many ways to reduce or remove facial hair safely such as shaving, depilatories, epilators, waxing and laser treatments. Electrolysis procedures are also an option as a way to remove hair permanently by destroying the hair follicle. Always check with your dermatologist.

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All about Facial Hair

It’s nice to have a flowing head of hair, but most women don’t want to have hair on their face. According to research by Bristol Myers, about 20,000 women are troubled by facial hair, and take steps to remove it. What causes this common problem and what can you do about it?

Causes of Facial Hair in Women

One of the most common times for women to have this problem is around the time of menopause. At this time, levels of male hormones called androgens increase, and this can stimulate hair growth on the face. Some women who have facial hair before menopause produce too many androgens. This may be due to a condition called polycystic ovary disease as well as certain other medical conditions. Some medications also cause hair growth on the face, and some women develop facial hair during pregnancy as a result of hormonal fluctuations.

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Facial Hair Products

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