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You don’t have to go to the spa or dermatologist’s office to polish and exfoliate your skin. Now, you can enjoy the many benefits of exfoliation at home with Fake Bake Exfoliators Products. These easy-to-use products incorporate well into your weekly skin care routine, allowing you to polish and nourish your skin as you rid it of the dead skin cells that leave you with a dull complexion. Exfoliation does not have to be a harsh, irritating, or costly experience. Now, it can be a regular part of your beauty routine thanks to Fake Bake Exfoliators Products.

The many benefits of exfoliation are clear. This simple step in the skin care process helps you unveil clear, radiant, and flawless skin. Reveal your healthier skin cells—they are already there; they’re just hiding underneath the layer of dullness atop your complexion. Fake Bake Exfoliators Products help to create beautiful and clear skin, preparing it for a beautiful glow that comes with Fake Bake self tanner. Be sure your skin is smooth and free of dull, dead cells with Fake Bake Exfoliators Products.

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Additional Fake Bake Products Information

An often forgotten but important part of the skin care process is exfoliation. Regular exfoliation rids your skin of dead skin cell buildup that can result in a dull and lifeless complexion. Fake Bake Exfoliators Products slough off the dead skin cells that get in the way of a beautifully radiant glow. Moreover, these products can help prepare your skin for further treatment, such as self-tanning. They create a smooth, even surface so that your tan looks even and natural. Give them a try, and enjoy your more beautiful and glowing complexion.

Most self tanners aren’t foolproof. Applied incorrectly, they can streak, darken your skin unevenly, or, in the cases of an ineffective tanner, leave you with an unnatural skin tone. Make the self-tanning process less complicated by exfoliating your skin before tanning. Fake Bake Body Polish was designed to specifically prepare your skin for a successful self-tanning experience. Aloe and 11 other botanicals combine to create a unique formula that naturally exfoliates your skin, sloughing off the dead skin cells that can make the self-tanning process more complex.

When this soap-free polish rids your skin of these dead skin cells, you can create softer, smoother skin, which encourages your self-tanner to apply more evenly and effectively. The key in this formula is its soap-free base, as soap has the potential to dry out your skin or leave a residue. Moreover, soap can make it more difficult for your skin to evenly absorb the self-tanning product, which risks an uneven tan. Use this body polish before you tan to ensure beautifully bronzed skin without the streaks or uneven application.

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