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Do you know all the benefits of regular exfoliating? Dead skin cells sit on your skin’s surface, dulling your complexion, creating rough patches and calluses, and often clogging pores. An exfoliator removes this layer, and not only reveals younger-looking skin, but also stimulates cell renewal and circulation. The result is brighter, smoother skin that is blemish-free. Exfoliating also serves as an excellent first step when preparing your skin for a self-tanner, by taking away dirt, residual makeup, and sweat. Gently exfoliate every inch of your body using the Fake Bake Body Polish. It contains micro particles of luffa, a natural sloughing agent, as well as rare botanicals and aloe vera extracts. This combination of ingredients leaves your skin refreshed, deeply nourished, and ready to fully absorb a Fake Bake tanning treatment. Visit the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews to find out what customers think.

In the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews, customers post both star ratings and detailed evaluations so you can make a more informed purchase decision. After you’ve used an exfoliator from Fake Bake, please return to the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews to share your thoughts.

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Perfect prep for your self-tanning! -7/20/2008 9:49:09 AM I ordered the Fake Bake Tri-Pack and I gotta say I love this scrub. The smell is divine. It doesn't leave any filmy residue that could affect your tanning results. It leaves the skin silky smooth and for extra soft results I massage it into my skin with a loofah glove. I just wish the Fake Bake Skin Smoothie came with the same great smell... I really recommend using the Polish before using the Fake Bake Tanning products.
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Weekly use of an exfoliator makes good skin sense. To help you determine which exfoliator is best for you, turn to the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews. Are you in search of a great-smelling scrub that contains natural ingredients? The highly recommended Fake Bake Body Polish is praised for its fragrance and smoothing benefits. It contains a bevy of botanicals to slough away impurities so your skin is ready to tan. To learn more about this energizing product, read the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews.

To contribute to the Fake Bake Exfoliators Reviews, go to the page of the exfoliator you wish to assess. By clicking on the link next to the star rating, you’ll be taken to the Reviews page. There you will see a bar that reads, “Write a review for this product.” After logging in, a SkinStore form will appear. Please rate the exfoliator and let us know if you plan on recommending it to a friend. You’ll also have an opportunity to check off pros and cons including “pleasant fragrance” and “gentle.” We ask that you tell us your location, age group, and skin type so others can better identify with your evaluation. When writing about your experience, please be specific. Do you have rough, flaky skin that could benefit from exfoliation? Is it important to you that your skin care products contain natural ingredients? After using the exfoliator from Fake Bake, did you notice visible improvements to your skin? Did you feel that the exfoliator helped prepare your skin for tanning? Thank you for adding your voice to our online forum.

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