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Fake Bake reviews

Bronzed skin creates a noticeable glow, and Fake Bake products help users attain the healthy skin they have always wanted. Whether you used Fake Bake products to add a bronze touch to your skin, exfoliate scaly skin to maximize your glow, or moisturize dry skin, you can share your experience with Fake Bake products on the Fake Bake Reviews page. If you’re interested in Fake Bake products, you can learn more about the products through the Fake Bake Reviews as well.

Connect with Fake Bake users and learn about the line of products in two ways. You can visit this page to see Fake Bake Reviews for the full line of skin-care products. Alternatively, you can find reviews for each product on the product page. While the product pages offer detailed information about the Fake Bake products, reading Fake Bake Reviews gives you a variety of perspectives from users who have incorporated Fake Bake products into their skin-care routines.

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AMAZING -5/4/2008 4:08:41 PM I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! I am a VERY fair individual and all sun soaking or tanning beds in the world could not make me tan! I used bottled tanners before and they only made me look orange, but not fake bake! For the first time ever i looked like i had a natural and sexy tan! I alwasy hated wearing shorts because i hated people looking at my white legs and calling me names like whitey or Casper! But after using Fake Bake I can wear shorts and not worry about this! I love this product and for its prices! Use this product you will love it! Already bought multiple times!
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Loved it. -4/21/2008 1:35:01 PM I was looking for a selftanner for my face,I have never used one before,I was scared I would look orange or dirty.I applied it one evening and the next morning I had a nice brown glow,with no streaks.Exactaly what I was hoping for.
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It works and you are tan for sure! -1/24/2008 4:22:22 PM I know people complained it is dark but actually it is very natural. Just have to wipe and wipe and wipe and use a glove. They forgot to send me a glove so I use the glove from loreal hair color kit. It helps make my Hawaiian vaca tan last a lot longer....I will order again. Thanks skinstore & FAKE BAKE!
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Tropical Color -10/4/2007 9:33:28 AM This is a true gem. Like many, many other self tanning products, I bought it in hopes that it would look like a natural tan. This is the best self tanner EVER. I have an olive complexion and most self tanners, as you've heard plenty of times, tend to look orange in color. This looks like I've been to the tropics, If I'm in the sun on a tropical island I get a beautiful color, now I don't have to be in the sun at all and I look as if I've been to Hawaii. Yes, it does have a slight odor, which isn't horrible, but after you shower the following morning, the ordor is gone and the color is beautiful and last for days. I usually apply twice a week to maintain this deep color. Worth every penny. And the other products in this line as amazing also. If you like this, you'll also like the Face tanner.
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Really fake -7/9/2007 1:23:12 PM You have to wear gloves to put it on (seriously, its included).
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the best -5/31/2007 12:56:35 PM the best: no orange color, no streaks, color guide for instant tan and help to see where you've placed it; make sure the bottles are fresh, because self life is affected - old lotion gets a green patina from aging that results in "dirty" looking skin...
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Best Colour -5/21/2007 10:23:15 PM This is perhaps the best & most natural self tanner around. Just received mine and tried it on. It glides on easily but not easy to smooth in the area where it is hairy. Nevertheless, when the lotion dries alittle, re-coat a layer on those areas again and i wake up with a nice medium natural beautiful streak free tann. Not too dark but nice and natural. I am going to apply a second coat tonight to darken the tan. On the downside, its dries slowly..takes about an hour to dry before u can go to bed. Also somewhat sticky but tolerable. No smell or fragrance at all so its good. The content in the tube is not full and looks very little. But all in all...its a superb product.
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Nice but Too dark -5/21/2007 10:10:32 PM This product glids on very smoothly during my first application. Feels good. However, i feel that the color turned out too dark for my liking. Would prefer it to be sheer and allow to build over 2-3 application. But, its too dark the first time round. Colour is somewhat brownish.Gives an even non streak finish. Colour appear nicest on my neck area. Too dark for the face though.
Richie P
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Messy -2/13/2007 10:12:03 AM This product creates a "fog" and gets all over everything in the bathroom. It also got on parts of my body that I did not want this product.
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fake and bake it till u make it! -9/4/2006 11:55:57 AM fake and bake is really good.. i just used it last night and i thought it wasnt goin to be what i have expected but it turned out great! i love it.. it doesnt even have a bad smell once u take a shower after the application... and the color is nice! it looks so natural. It looks like i just got back from hawaii. This is a MUST if your looking for self tanners. Just follow the directions carefully and you'll turn out great! the only bad thing is that when u sleep at night it smells really bad but once u tooken a bath the smell goes away. Just remember when u apply it on your skin make sure u blend it really well.... all in all it is great!
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Additional Fake Bake Reviews Information

Reading customer reviews is a useful way to ensure you’re buying the right Fake Bake product for your skin. The Fake Bake Reviews page offers a personal perspective on the line of products from customers just like you. If you’re deciding between two Fake Bake products, see what other users have to say to help guide your decision. You can search for reviews for a specific product or read reviews for the entire line. Fake Bake Reviews will make your skin-care selection much easier. You want to invest in the right product, and reading through customer reviews will help you do just that.

Current Fake Bake users are encouraged to offer reviews of the products to help other customers. You can include a detailed description of your experience with the product. Discuss your favorite features, how the product compared to other skin-care lines, and the results. Rate the product from one to five stars in three categories: overall rating, price/value, and ease of use. Your feedback on the Fake Bake Reviews page helps potential Fake Bake users enhance their understanding of the product. If you love the skin that Fake Bake products helped create, share your experience with potential users so they can enjoy the same healthy skin that you have.

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