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There's a reason why ancient Chinese medicine still remains popular for the treatment of illnesses throughout much of the world: the traditional remedies found in the alternative healing practice provide real benefits that have now largely been proven by medical science. In addition to battling disease, bacteria and chronic conditions, Chinese medicine is also used to improve the beauty of the skin with many therapies designed to promote the health of the complexion and keep it youthful. These treatments and the latest in cutting edge western dermatological research form the backbone of the FEI'D Products collection.

FEI'D Products were developed to make fighting signs of aging and minimizing the appearance of dark spots with one easy step. The formulas contain blends of proven eastern and western ingredients that even out the skin tone and improve the skin's natural texture. The products in the collection are certified by the Natural Products Association, a testament to their chemical-free origins. Shop the FEI'D Products collection now; a more beautiful, youthful and healthier complexion is just one easy away.

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Stop trying to cover up skin discoloration and expression lines; soften them the natural way with FEI'D Products, which use the tenants of eastern and western medicine to produce incredible results.

FEI'D uses a formula of 99 percent natural origin to treat multiple types of hyperpigmentation and reverse signs of aging caused by the intense energy of the sun and other types of environmental stress. When used twice daily for at least 3 months as a part of a cleansing and moisturizing regimen, the formula can effectively treat melasma, age spots and liver spots, while smoothing away wrinkles and tightening sagging skin.

The formula contained in FEI'D is free of hydroquinone, the medicinal skin bleach that is known to produce side effects in many users. Instead, the formula uses mulberry, bearberry and licorice extracts to slow down melanin production and fade hyperpigmentation. Dianella ensifolia is added to eliminate redness and inflammation from the skin tissue. The extracts of two Chinese herbs, shanzha and huang qi, are featured in the formula to strengthen weakened tissue and improve skin elasticity and tone.

The natural formula found in FEI'D is safe for all skin types and can be applied to both the face and body. The bottle makes it easy to dispense the formula, which quickly penetrates the skin tissue. The lightweight treatment is free of mineral oil to prevent pore blockages and does not contain parabens, artificial fragrances or ingredients that have been tested on animals.

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