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Fragrance Tips

Fragrance Tip #100

A Seasonal Scent

Celebrate spring with a new signature scent that perfectly captures the beauty and energy of the season! Philosophy Live Joyously Eau de Parfum is sure to boost your spirits with a fragrance that is feminine and uplifting. The scent for her from Philosophy starts with a fruity tangerine scent that gradually builds to a beautiful floral bouquet with notes of pink peony. Then, the scent mellows to reveal a sensual patchouli base. Made from the finest quality oils, the perfume's scent lasts for hours.

Fragrance Tip #99

A Subtle Statement

Prefer to make a subtler statement with your signature fragrance? Zents Fresh Eau de Toilette gives you the freedom to lightly scent your skin or surround yourself in a more powerful bouquet. This naturally derived women's fragrance is adjustable, so you can apply as much or as little as you like or even layer it with other Zents scents. Free of harsh chemicals, the Fresh fragrance features notes of green apple, lemon and linden blossom above cucumber and heliotrope for an effect that is clean, feminine and never overpowering.

Fragrance Tip #98

Pleasing to All Senses

Why should you have to choose between a candle that's beautifully scented and one that's pleasing to the eye? The Votivo Aromatic Candle Clean Crisp White will fill the air with a clean scent reminiscent of freshly laundered linen. At the same time, this luxury quality candle from Votivo will enhance your decor with its classic glass jar adorned with a silver seal that is pressed by hand. One votive can burn for 50 to 60 hours, and it comes in an elegant gift box, making it a wonderful present.

Fragrance Tip #97

Perfume from Nature

Wearing a beautiful fragrance on your skin is a simple pleasure that you shouldn't have to sacrifice in order to stick to your natural beauty principles. With Caudalie Parfum Divin de Caudalie, you can enhance your appeal and delight your senses with a scent that is naturally derived. This perfume for women from Caudalie Paris instantly commands attention with spicy pink pepper and energizing citrus grapefruit notes. Then, its floral rose mid notes emerge before the fragrance mellows to a base of sweet white musk, decadent vanilla and earthy cedar.

Fragrance Tip #96

A Subtle Touch

Longing for a way to experience the benefits of scent without overpowering your senses? Zents Ore Eau de Toilette is the perfect way to enjoy a gorgeous fragrance while making a subtle impression on those around you. The light eau de toilette features notes of bergamot, orris, violet, jasmine, bay laurel, black pepper and clove for a bouquet that is exotic, sensual and incredibly feminine. Free of parabens, dyes, petroleum, phthalates and propylene glycol, the perfume is safe for sensitive skin, and you can layer it with other Zents fragrances.

Fragrance Tip #95

Inspired by Nature

Think you can't wear perfume and stick to a natural beauty regimen at the same time? Think again! LaVanila The Healthy Fragrance Vanilla Passion Fruit is an all-natural fragrance solution that promotes healthy skin while leaving behind a wonderful fruity, sweet scent. The perfumers at LaVanila Laboratories have crafted this remarkable limited edition fragrance with passion fruit, peach nectar, guava, Madagascar vanilla and sandalwood. Extracts of kakadu plum and goji berries are added to supply the skin with 30 vitamins and minerals that protect, nourish and condition with every application.

Fragrance Tip #94

Beautifully Fragrant

Set the mood for a holiday party or an intimate get-together with the uplifting scent of NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Orange Blossom. This luxury quality candle from NEST Fragrances fills the air with a perfume of citrus notes that include lemon, tangerine and orange blossom along with floral fragrances of orchid, tiare flower and freesia. A musk base adds a touch of sensuality to the invigorating, cheerful scent. With its lovely fluted clear crystal glass cup and elegant box, the candle makes a wonderful gift for the holiday season.

Fragrance Tip #93

Beautifully Fragrant

You're not fully dressed for holiday celebrations until you've put on the perfect scent! Juara Candlenut Perfume Oil is a wonderful fragrance to enjoy during the season and beyond. Uplifting and exotic, this natural perfume from Juara Skincare leaves the skin smelling clean and fresh and brings to mind a tropical paradise with its slight hint of coconut. Aromas of green herbs, citrus bergamot and floral jasmine, freesia and rose provide the perfect balance of earthiness and femininity. The alcohol-free fragrance comes in a rollerball-tipped bottle for quick and easy application.

Fragrance Tip #92

A Beautiful Bouquet

Looking to liven things up with a brand new signature scent? Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray will allow you to make a great impression on everyone around you with its feminine, floral bouquet. With the signature Petalia complex from Elizabeth Arden, this perfume is easy to detect, yet it never overwhelms. As soon as you spritz it on, you'll sense fruity notes of Italian mandarin, peach nectar and orange blossom, and the scent gradually reveals essences of jasmine, iris, jacaranda wood, peony, amber and musk.

Fragrance Tip #91

Therapeutic Scent

Set the perfect mood for your at-home yoga practice by lighting Sundari Scented Yoga Votives near where you roll out your mat. This set includes two travel votives from Sundari with scents that are perfect for calming the mind and enlivening the spirit. The Amrus candle has a sensual spicy sweet fragrance inspired by a favorite Indian dessert, while the floral Gulkand candle features rose oil and notes of honey and sugar. Not just for yoga, these votives can be enjoyed whenever you want to relax and unwind.

Fragrance Tip #90

Lift Your Spirits

Changing your signature scent is a great way to get a fresh start for the approaching fall season. With its clean, feminine bouquet, Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance is the perfect fragrance for daily wear. This popular women's perfume from Philosophy starts with a citrus blend of bergamot, grapefruit and mandarin orange to lift your spirits. Mid notes of freesia, rose and jasmine bring elegance and sophistication to the scent, and the lingering base notes of musk and muguet blossoms delight for hours after that initial spray to the pulse points.

Fragrance Tip #89

Tension Transition

Does the fall season have you feeling stressed? The right home fragrance products can help make your home feel like a refuge from tension even during the hectic transition from summer to fall. NEST Fragrances Scented Candle - Grapefruit is the perfect candle to light when you need to boost your spirits, as its fresh scent never fails to energize. The NEST Fragrances candle burns for up to 50 hours, filling the air with notes of zesty pink pomelo grapefruit, delicate lily of the valley and spicy coriander blossom.

Fragrance Tip #88

A Portable Potion

Looking for a fragrance that you can take with you on vacation or use to freshen up after the gym or at the office? Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil allows you to surround yourself with an exotic, romantic fragrance anytime, anywhere. Naturally based, this fragrance oil from Jurlique comes in a convenient-to-carry rollerball bottle that lets you apply the scent to your pulse points with ease. Each .33-ounce bottle contains the essence of 10,000 Turkish, Moroccan and Arabic rose petals plus hydrating shea butter.

Fragrance Tip #87

A Pretty Perfume

If you're searching for a fragrance that will provide a long-lasting feminine scent, Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is the one to spray onto your pulse points. This popular perfume features the signature Petalia scent complex from Elizabeth Arden plus jasmine, iris and peony, giving it a unique floral bouquet that you're sure to love. Top notes of Italian mandarin, orange blossom and peach nectar give the perfume a sweet start. As you wear it, the fragrance slowly reveals its musk, jacaranda wood and creamy amber base.

Fragrance Tip #86

Parfum of Delight

Looking for a new scent that will lift your spirits and capture the attention of others without ever overwhelming the senses? Philosophy Live Joyously Eau de Parfum provides a bright, dramatic scent that is perfectly balanced to delight without ever coming on too strong. This perfume from Philosophy features notes of patchouli, pink peony and tangerine. It captivates upon application with its perfect mix of citrus and floral scents, and its warm base lingers beautifully to keep the joy of being surrounded by a delightful fragrance lasting for hours.

Fragrance Tip #85

Gorgeous Scented Escape

If you're searching for a signature fragrance that’s a break from ordinary florals and fruits, L'Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette offers the perfect scent escape. Inspired by the fragrances of beautiful Mediterranean landscapes, this eau de toilette from L'Occitane has an uplifting herbal quality that will have everyone wanting to know what you're wearing. The perfume includes notes of verbena, geranium and lemon tree. Not only is the scent a great find for your fragrance needs, but it also makes a lovely gift due to its engraved spray bottle.

Fragrance Tip #84

A Gorgeous State of Mind

Fragrance isn't just important for your skin. Surrounding yourself with the right scents in your home can do wonders for your state of mind. The Caudalie Divine Candle is the perfect way to enhance the ambiance of the bedroom, bathroom or living room and set the tone for a relaxing night at home. Caudalie Paris has brought the scent of their popular Divine Oil to life in this high quality candle. Light it to experience the scents of rose, grapefruit, white musk, cedar, pink pepper and vanilla.

Fragrance Tip #83

Citrus Boost

Give your spirits a boost after you shave or any other time of the day with The Art of Shaving Lemon Eau de Toilette. This luxurious men's fragrance from The Art of Shaving treats you to the eye-opening scent of fresh citrus and is made from real California lemons, not fragrance oils. The lemon essence is extracted using a cold pressing process that keeps all of the aromatic molecules intact. As a result, the eau de toilette stays true when applied to the skin and remains noticeable for hours.

Fragrance Tip #82

Light, Fresh and Delightfully You

Adjusting your signature scent to something lighter and fresher for summer can help you avoid overwhelming the senses of everyone around you. Even when temperatures soar, Philosophy Living Grace Spray Fragrance delivers a floral scent that is noticeable but never overly obvious. For this unique women's fragrance, Philosophy has brought together a mix of familiar and exotic notes, all carefully chosen to create a scent meant to lift the spirits with every spritz. Spray it on the pulse points and experience its hints of neroli and lily of the valley.

Fragrance Tip #81

Romance in a Pretty Puff

Don't let humid, hot weather leave you feeling sticky and less than fresh. Before you face the heat, treat yourself to some pampering with Elizabeth Arden Pretty Body Powder with Puff. This body powder helps to keep the skin feeling dry and silky all day long. Plus, it leaves behind the feminine scent of Pretty by Elizabeth Arden. Perfect for applying to your neck, legs, shoulders or any other spot, the powder features top notes of orange and peach, romantic floral mid-notes and a musk, jacaranda wood and amber base.

Fragrance Tip #80

Manly Mystique

Add to your mystique with just a splash of The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau de Toilette. This men's fragrance is made with real essential oil from the sandalwood trees in Mysore, India. The formulators at The Art of Shaving specifically sourced this luxurious ingredient for use in the eau de toilette because the quality of its spicy, herbaceous scent is truly unrivaled. Only trees that have grown for 30 years or more are selected, and the oil is aged for six months to make this cologne truly remarkable.

Fragrance Tip #79

Fresh and Feminine

Does it seem like your fragrance fades before your day's end? With Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil, you can freshen up mid-day and envelop your skin in the essence of more than 10,000 handpicked exotic rose petals. With a mix of three rare roses sourced from Turkey, Morocco and the Middle East, this natural fragrance from Jurlique has a romantic, feminine allure. The roll-on formula makes it simple to use on the go. Shea butter is added for a hydrating finishing touch.

Fragrance Tip #78

Romance All Year Round

Get swept up in the romantic fragrance of Philosophy Loveswept Fragrance, a soft scent that is perfect for many occasions. Philosophy has created this feminine fragrance to inspire feelings of love while giving the spirits a lift. An ideal signature scent for the woman who prefers floral fragrances, the perfume features a bouquet of blue violet, pink jasmine and lotus blossom along with the fruity notes of bergamot and purple passion fruit. A base of musk, creamy amber and white cedarwood gives the fragrance a sensual finishing touch.

Fragrance Tip #77

Restore Balance in Your Home

Set the mood for romance this Valentine's Day or any other day of the year by lighting a Sundari Chameli Scented Candle. Sundari has created this luxurious candle using the principles of Ayurveda, giving it properties that can restore balance while treating the senses to soft light and a pleasing scent. The dynamic fragrance of the candle comes from the contrast of cool jasmine and lotus floral notes with invigorating warm notes of lemongrass and cinnamon. The 6-ounce candle can provide up to 45 hours of enjoyment.

Fragrance Tip #76

Feel Pretty Every Day

Start the New Year off with a scent that will have you feeling pretty from morning to night. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is a lovely floral-based fragrance that is perfect for daily wear as a signature scent or for spritzing on before a romantic night on the town. Featuring the exclusive Petalia scent complex developed by Elizabeth Arden, the perfume starts off with refreshing fruit scents that give way to a flowery bouquet of middle notes. Long-lasting hints of musk, jacaranda and amber complete the scent profile.

Fragrance Tip #75

Spray on Your Own Feminine Mystique

Surround yourself with sensual, feminine fragrance and chase away the gray of any winter day. NUXE Prodigieux Le Parfum is a truly exotic perfume that will add to your feminine mystique. The scent was inspired by Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil from NUXE and allows you to experience the fragrance in a lightweight spray perfume form. Top notes of bergamot, mandarin and orange blossom tease the senses upon application. Then, you'll delight in mid-notes of magnolia, gardenia and rose before enjoying the warm base of vanilla and coconut milk.

Fragrance Tip #74

A Natural Way to Smell Beautiful

Prefer natural essential oils to traditional perfume? With Caudalie Parfum Divin de Caudalie, you can treat your senses to a unique bouquet of beautiful notes while getting all of the benefits of a naturally based formula. Much simpler to use than traditional essential oils, the fragrance from Caudalie Paris can be spritzed onto the pulse points just like any standard perfume. The scent begins with hints of sensual rose and then develops into a fresh morning dew-like fragrance. Base notes of cedar, vanilla and white musk linger for hours.

Fragrance Tip #73

Eternal Springtime

Beat the winter blues with an uplifting, feminine scent that will bring a bit of the promise of spring to every day. Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance is light and clean but still remarkable enough to make an impression on everyone you meet. A popular fragrance from Philosophy, Amazing Grace immediately treats the senses to a mix of citrus orange, grapefruit and bergamot scents. Then, the floral middle essences of freesia, jasmine and rose become apparent. The base of the fragrance is a delightful musk that is soft and delicate.

Fragrance Tip #72

The Perfect Travel Companion

Are there travel plans on your horizon? Make sure that you add Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil to your beauty bag before you travel by plane, train or automobile this season. This handy roll-on oil from Jurlique leaves you with the fragrance of 10,000 Turkish, Moroccan and Arabic rose petals and is ready to travel wherever you're headed. Much easier to pack than full-size perfumes, this roll-on fragrance will have you smelling beautiful when you're on the go and is perfect for on-the-fly touch-ups.

Fragrance Tip #71

A Natural Fragrance Solution

Are heavy fragrances just not your style? Caudalie Beauty Elixir is the perfect alternative to traditional perfume and will leave you smelling feminine and fresh with its subtle bouquet of rosemary, orange, peppermint and grape extracts. Caudalie Paris developed this exquisite natural beauty solution using the secret recipe of Queen Isabelle of Hungary, whose youthful complexion dazzled 16th-century Europe. Each time that you spritz on the formula, you'll refresh and revive your skin with natural hydrators, restoring radiance and softness while adding a sweet, natural scent.

Fragrance Tip #70

Just a Touch of Femininity

In search of a product that will leave your skin smelling sweet without overpowering the senses? Apply Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz to your pulse points and you'll be left with that perfect subtle touch of feminine fragrance. This wonderful scent from Philosophy combines white floral and citrus notes with a musk base for a feminine bouquet. Plus, the formula contains skin conditioners and antioxidants to nourish and protect the tissue. Wear it on its own or layer it with perfume for sweet-smelling results.

Fragrance Tip #69

Indulge with Scented Moisture

Battle seasonal dryness with ease and treat yourself to an uplifting fragrance with Yonka Lait Corps. This rich body cream is made from natural ingredients that are perfectly blended to meet the skin's moisture needs. Ideal for applying immediately after your bath or shower, the silky cream from Yonka fully penetrates the skin, instantly improving its texture. When used regularly, the formula can soften rough patches and soothe irritation. Plus, it has a wonderful, delicate scent that will have you smelling and feeling beautiful long after application.

Fragrance Tip #68

Roll on the Rose Petals

As temperatures cool off in the fall, many women notice that the need to reapply their fragrance increases. Using Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil this season will make it simple for you to refresh your signature scent while on the go. Each bottle contains an exotic floral oil made from 10,000 Moroccan rose petals as well as shea butter to nourish and hydrate the skin. Jurlique packages this feminine fragrance in a convenient roller-ball bottle that fits perfectly into a makeup bag for use on the go.

Fragrance Tip #67

Transform Your Home

Set the perfect mood for an at-home spa night or for relaxing and rewinding after work by lighting the Sundari Amrus Scented Candle. This candle brings to life the fragrance of amrus, an Indian dessert that is as prized for its tantalizing aroma as it is for its wonderful taste. When lit, this candle from Sundari will fill your home with notes of mango, basil, and pepper. A natural product for your home, the 6-ounce candle is made from soy based wax and scented with natural oils.

Fragrance Tip #66

The Scent of Romance

Add a touch of romance to your day by spritzing on Philosophy Falling In Love Fragrance. An ideal signature scent for summer, this feminine fragrance from Philosophy is clean and light, yet undeniably sexy. The long-lasting musk base notes will have you feeling sensual and beautiful all day long, while the aroma of ripe blackberries will surround you with sweetness. Notes of lily of the valley and jasmine add a floral finish, and there is a touch of vanilla to make the fragrance a true treat for the senses.

Fragrance Tip #65

Indulge in a Hydrating Fragrance

Fight dry skin with a touch of sweetness and a touch of spice. Bliss Blood Orange and White Pepper Body Butter is a decadent body lotion that drenches the skin in hydrating coconut oil and uses sodium hyaluronate to draw moisture from the air into parched tissue. Enriched with vitamins A, C and E, the body butter leaves behind a layer of antioxidant protection to minimize the risk of oxidative damage. The signature Blood Orange and White Pepper fragrance from Bliss enlivens the senses and enhances your natural appeal.

Fragrance Tip #64

A Perfect Summer Scent

Hot summer weather can leave many perfumes too overpowering. If you're in need of a new signature scent for summer, try Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil. Each .3-ounce roller bottle contains the essence of Moroccan rose petals, providing feminine fragrance that is noticeable, yet still light and fresh. In addition, Jurlique has added shea butter to the formula to soften and condition the skin wherever you apply the fragrance. Perfect for taking with you on your summer vacation, the compact roller bottle is ready to travel.

Fragrance Tip #63

Bring the Spa Home

Fragrance has a unique ability to calm the senses and make your surroundings more inviting. After a long, stressful day, you can transform your home into a real retreat by lighting a Caudalie Divine Candle. This candle features the same fragrance as the signature Divine Oil from Caudalie Paris, treating the senses to a blend of tangy grapefruit, romantic rose, sweet vanilla, spicy pink pepper and exotic white musk. The candle comes ready for lighting in a frosted jar and is perfect for the bedroom, bathroom, living room or kitchen.

Fragrance Tip #62

Clean and Crisp

In warm weather, perfume fragrances are often more intense, and many women find that they need to switch to a lighter signature scent to avoid overpowering the senses. Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance is the perfect choice for your summer fragrance, as it is clean and crisp for hot weather but still vivid enough to be noticed by those around you. For this remarkable perfume, Philosophy has combined notes of bergamot, water lily, lavender, jasmine and light musk, creating an unforgettable, ultra feminine bouquet.

Fragrance Tip #61

Masculine yet Mysterious

Looking for a way to lighten up your signature men's fragrance for the summer months without diminishing your rugged appeal? Inspired by the fragrances of the French countryside, L'Occitane L'Occitan Eau de Toilette for Men is the perfect choice for your warm weather scent. The fragrance combines pepper, nutmeg and toasted wood for a sensual, spicy base that is incredibly masculine and mysterious. L'Occitane has also added lavender from the Haute-Provence region of France, lightening the scent to make it ideal for summer.

Fragrance Tip #60

Feel Good, Smell Even Better

Enjoy the smooth results of every shave while treating your senses to the pleasing fragrance of 100 percent pure sandalwood oil with The Art Of Shaving Full Size Kit - Sandalwood. This four-piece kit includes a badger hair shaving brush and three shaving essentials specially formulated by the skin care experts at Art of Shaving. The system promotes a closer shave while lessening the risk of irritation. In the kit, you'll find a conditioning Pre-Shave Oil, a rich Shaving Cream and a soothing After-Shave balm.

Fragrance Tip #59

Smell Beautiful, Be Beautiful

Looking for an alternative to heavy perfumes that will still leave you smelling beautiful? Decleor Arome Tonic Tonifying Body Treatment Fragrance is the perfect solution. Each spritz fragrances the skin with an energizing blend of essential oils and plant extracts. It’s subtle enough to suit your tastes but still noticeable to those around you. The lightweight spray from Decleor also softens the skin, providing hydration and essential nutrients to promote skin health. Spray it from head to toe for all-over fragrance, conditioning and toning.

Fragrance Tip #58

Smooth Invigoration

Find yourself practically dozing off in the midst of your morning shower? Energize yourself with the wonderful fragrance of Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Scrub, which will enliven your senses and get your eyes open while you shower. While treating you to the wonderful scent of sage and lemon, this scrub from Bliss resurfaces and polishes, loosening dead cells to leave the skin feeling softer and smoother with every use. Just massage it against your skin and then step into the shower to rinse it away.

Fragrance Tip #57

Amazing Femininity

If you want to give your signature scent a makeover for spring, try Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance. This ultra-feminine fragrance is light in weight, so you can wear it all summer long, but it's still noticeable enough to earn you compliments wherever you go. Upon application, this best-selling scent from the Philosophy collection treats you to mandarin orange, grapefruit and bergamot with floral notes of freesia, rose and jasmine becoming evident afterward. Then, its musky base will stay with you throughout the day or until you reapply.

Fragrance Tip #56

Beautiful Bouquet

Even though you may be weeks away from seeing the first signs of spring flowers, you don't have to wait to immerse yourself in gorgeous floral fragrances. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray brings the flower garden to life with its mix of star jasmine, white peony, pink iris and orange blossom. Amber, musk and jacaranda wood serve as the base notes, and there are touches of Italian mandarin and peach. Also included is the signature Petalia flower blend available only from Elizabeth Arden.

Fragrance Tip #55

Sexy, Soothing Sandalwood

Traditional after shave fragrance is laden with alcohol that dries out the skin and can make post razor inflammation worse. Ditch your old-fashioned after shave and discover The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm Sandalwood, which features the masculine scent of real sandalwood oil without a drop of alcohol. The Art of Shaving formula is enriched with grape seed and vitamin C to provide protection to the tissue and reduce inflammation. Shea extract moisturizes the skin, leaving it softer, and the formula has natural antiseptic properties.

Fragrance Tip #54

Soothing Scents

Already feeling stressed in 2014? Scent can have an amazing transforming power on your outlook and help you to remain in a positive frame of mind despite stresses at work and home. The fragrance of Philosophy Inner Grace Eau de Parfum was developed to promote feelings of being balanced and centered, which can have a tremendously positive impact during times of stress. In the scent, Philosophy has combined a number of soft floral notes, including aqua leaf, to make this perfume clean, soothing and uplifting with every spritz.

Fragrance Tip #53

Just a Spritz

Want to surround yourself in fragrance and nourish your skin without the heaviness of perfumed oil or the greasiness of body lotion? Decleor Arome Tonic Tonifying Body Treatment Fragrance is the ideal solution, as it is designed to pamper your skin and leave behind an energizing, rejuvenating scent in the process. The lightweight spray from Decleor contains hydrators that soften skin showing signs of seasonal dryness, but it absorbs quickly without leaving any unwanted residue behind. Ultra concentrated, the tonic provides huge benefits with just a few small spritzes.

Fragrance Tip #52

Leave it to Pretty

When the days are short and grey, you can easily begin to feel stuck in a winter beauty rut. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray can help you break right out of the winter weather blahs by giving you a dose of feminine floral perfection that will lift your spirits. Pretty is the perfect word to describe this fragrance, which brings together the signature Petalia floral blend from Elizabeth Arden with notes of Italian mandarin, star jasmine, pink iris, white peonies and creamy amber.

Fragrance Tip #51

Artistic Essentials

Looking for the perfect post shave scent solution? The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit - Sandalwood doesn't just give you a remarkable after shave; it also provides three additional shaving essentials that no man should be without. Along with the after shave, you'll receive a pre-shave oil to prepare growth for the razor, a shaving cream to perfectly lubricate the skin and a badger hair brush for easy application. All of the products feature the exotic, spicy sandalwood fragrance for which The Art of Shaving is famous.

Fragrance Tip #50

A Subtle Scent

You want to smell sweet and fresh, but perfume always seems too heavy and overwhelms your senses. What's a girl to do? Philosophy has the perfect solution: a fragrance with the staying power of a high quality perfume but with a subtle scent that will have you feeling pretty and never overdone. Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance is a delightful mix of floral and citrus notes on a light musk base that is perfect for daytime wear and also a romantic choice for a date. Make it your new signature scent!

Fragrance Tip #49

Roll on Rose

Looking for an easy way to freshen your skin in the middle of the day? Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil is a romantic, feminine fragrance that is ready to travel anywhere. The roller ball easily glides over the skin, leaving behind a lovely floral scent and shea butter to moisturize the skin. In each bottle, Jurlique uses the extracts from 10,000 rose petals gathered from blossoms in Turkey, Morocco and the Middle East. Keep a bottle in your cosmetics bag, in the car or at the office.

Fragrance Tip #48

A Modest Scent

Love the idea of perfume but can't get past its heavy scents? Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance is the perfect fragrance for you. Subtle and light, this fragrance is designed for the woman who’s fussy about fragrance. Its lovely scent is noticeable enough that people will say you smell amazing, but Philosophy has perfectly balanced its notes to avoid overwhelming the senses. From its musk base to its floral mid notes to its citrus finish, this perfume has incredible depth and will have you feeling clean, fresh and gorgeous.

Fragrance Tip #47

A Fragrance from the Cape

With its refreshing scent, Molton Brown Cool Eau De Toilette captures the feeling you get when you step outside on a cool fall day and are treated to a gust of fresh breeze. Like all Molton Brown scents, the eau de toilette was inspired by travel. Its mix of cardamom, mint, tangerine and cedarwood perfectly capture the spirit of the Western Cape of South Africa, coming together in a fragrance that is sure to leave you feeling invigorated and energized each time you apply it to the pulse points.

Fragrance Tip #46

Light and Lovely

The perfect scent for daytime is lovely, yet light so as to not overwhelm the senses of your coworkers. Because of its fruity, floral bouquet and its long-lasting effects, Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is the perfect perfume to spritz on every weekday. The formula contains a signature ingredient from Elizabeth Arden called Petalia. This fragrance molecule was bio-engineered from an array of floral oils and waters and is designed to not only smell feminine and beautiful but also to last for much longer than ordinary perfume blends.

Fragrance Tip #45

Awaken the Senses

Awaken your senses in your morning shower with the power of aromatherapy! The Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Bar has an invigorating fragrance of lemon and sage and will help you shake off sleepiness while purifying your skin from head to toe. This body soap's unique design includes special nubs that deeply massage the skin tissue, boosting circulation to further energize your body. Bliss has also included loofah particles in the blend, allowing the bar to double as an exfoliator, giving you one less step to complete in the shower.

Fragrance Tip #44

Lighten up

Does your signature scent suddenly seem too strong? It's not your imagination! Summertime humidity can make many fragrances too overpowering. If your usual fragrance is starting to overwhelm those around you, make the switch to Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance for the summer. Philosophy has created this feminine fragrance to be as light as possible, making it the ideal scent for summer. The scent combines citrus top notes with mid-notes of romantic freesia, jasmine and rose. A light musk completes the formula and makes for a scent that is truly memorable.

Fragrance Tip #43

A Healthier Regimen

Summer is the perfect time for men to adopt a healthier shaving regimen, and there's no better way to get started than with The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit – Sandalwood. This money-saving kit combines three of the most popular products in The Art of Shaving collection with a genuine badger hair brush for lathering. The set includes the Pre-Shave Oil to prepare the beard, the Shaving Cream to create a virtually friction-less surface for your razor and the After Shave balm to soothe and calm the complexion.

Fragrance Tip #42

Packable Scent

Looking for a fragrance to take along on your summer vacation? The Jurlique Essence of Rose Roll On Fragrance Oil is ready to travel. This roll-on fragrance easily imparts the luxurious scent of roses to the pulse points and is sure to have you feeling feminine and alluring. Small enough to fit into your purse or carry-on, the fragrance oil contains shea butter to soften the skin. Like all Jurlique products, the oil is made with natural ingredients, including rose petals that are hand-picked to preserve freshness.

Fragrance Tip #41

Aromatic Journey

If you're on the hunt for a new signature scent that will really stand out, try Juara Tiare Jasmine Perfume Oil. The Juara Skin Care fragrance collection contains scents inspired by the beautiful landscapes of Asia, and the notes of jasmine tea blossoms, tiare flower and magnolia petals will transport you to the tea fields of Indonesia with just one sniff. The essences of bamboo, palm fronds, violets and vanilla round out the notes of this exotic, feminine fragrance. The oil is even free of petroleum and is 100 percent vegetarian.

Fragrance Tip #40

Don’t Skip the Final Step

Are you missing something when you step out the door? Don’t forget your Elizabeth Arden Fragrance. After all, nothing makes a woman feel fabulous like Elizabeth Arden Pretty. Before heading out, give yourself a light spritz of Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray. The blend of floral and fruity scents will make you feel like a million bucks. For layering, apply Elizabeth Arden Pretty Body Lotion after your shower or bath. This is a silky soft hydrating lotion that complements the eau de parfum with the same signature scent.

Fragrance Tip #39

A Comforting Touch

Are you looking for a way to make your new home more comfortable? Consider the power of scent and try fragrant home products from Molton Brown. When you want to create a relaxing ambiance, light up the Molton Brown Heavenly Gingerly Medio Candela, a scented candle that infuses the air with aromas of cardamom, ginger and jasmine. If you have trouble sleeping, Molton Brown Sleep Cedrus Room Aroma Rocks can help promote relaxation with a blend of lavender and cedrus tree. Open the box and prepare for a good sleep.

Fragrance Tip #38

Natural Inspiration

Do you love natural fragrances? H2O Plus takes its inspiration from the best nature has to offer. H2O Plus Mariel Eau de Parfum contains a blend of oils from jasmine, lemon and roses for a delightful burst of natural scent. Charming and versatile, it’s perfect for day or night. You can also enjoy a natural aroma in your body moisturizer. H2O Plus Kiwi-Cassis Moisture Boosting Balm softens and hydrates dry skin with Vitamin E and Provitamin B while leaving behind the tangy scent of kiwi and black currant.

Fragrance Tip #37

Lightly Oiled

Have you ever considered switching from a body lotion to a body oil spray? Philosophy offers a variety of scented hydrators in the form of a convenient mist. From the popular Philosophy Amazing Grace line, enjoy Philosophy Amazing Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist. The natural oils hydrate while leaving a soft, lightweight finish and delicate scent. If you prefer the fragrance of Philosophy Pure Grace, you’ll want to choose Philosophy Pure Grace Satin-Finish Body Oil Mist. It absorbs instantly and leaves behind that clean signature soap and water scent.

Fragrance Tip #36

One is Enough

Do you prefer to stick with one fragrance? Using multiple products can often cause scent clash. Elizabeth Arden offers different products with the same signature scent to complement rather than compete. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is a beautiful medley of floral and fruity tones. It will make you feel special every day of the year. When it’s time for an after-bath hydrator, reach for Elizabeth Arden Pretty Body Lotion, a silky soft moisturizer lightly scented with the same signature fragrance. When it comes to feeling beautiful, Elizabeth Arden Pretty has you covered.

Fragrance Tip #35

Stick with the Essentials

If you’re not a fan of cologne, consider a natural essential oil-based fragrance in the form of after shave. The Art of Shaving allows you to enjoy a natural, subtle scent without heavy perfumes. The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm Sandalwood freshens and soothes without alcohol. The hydrating and antiseptic formula is scented with only essential oils for aromatherapeutic benefits. You might also choose The Art of Shaving After Shave Balm Lavender which offers all of the same benefits with the light scent of lavender.

Fragrance Tip #34

Home Sweet Home

If you feel like your home is missing a finishing touch, consider candles from Sundari. The natural, soy-based candles add ambiance to your home along with a beautiful and subtle scent. Sundari Amrus Scented Candle was inspired by a popular Indian dessert and delivers a scrumptious multidimensional fragrance while making any home feel warmer and more welcoming. You can also choose to give the gift of ambiance with Sundari Lights of Diwali Votive Gift Set, a pretty boxed set of three candles that look as lovely as they smell.

Fragrance Tip #33

A Rose by any other Name

You might be interested to know that roses don’t just smell and look nice in a bouquet. Rose oil is a natural moisturizer which can help soften dry skin and promote healing. Jurlique takes full advantage of these properties in formulating Jurlique Rose Body Oil, a delectable bath treatment that nourishes the skin and smells amazing. For a lighter touch, opt for Jurlique Rose Body Care Lotion, a fast-absorbing moisturizer that hydrates and firms while leaving behind the delicate fragrance of rose combined with calendula and daisy. Use it after every shower and bath.

Fragrance Tip #32

A Fragrant Hair Day

A beautiful fragrance can be enjoyed everywhere, even in your hair. Oscar Blandi infuses its products with extracts that are both effective and aromatherapeutic. Experience the relaxing powers of jasmine with Oscar Blandi Jasmine Oil Hair Serum, a frizz taming serum that adds shine to dull hair while stimulating the senses with a delicate fragrance. Pair it with Oscar Blandi Proteine di Jasmine Protein Mist which allows you to restyle your hair during the day. It can even be used with styling tools.

Fragrance Tip #31

Just a Touch

Do you love a touch of fragrance but feel that concentrated perfumes are too strong? Consider fragrant bath products from H2O Plus. Start with H2O Plus Clearwater Shower and Bath Gel, a foaming cleanser for the body that gets the skin clean without drying. Natural extracts nourish and soften while a light touch of fragrance delights the senses. Immediately after bathing or showering, apply H2O Plus Clearwater Moisture Boosting Body Balm, a creamy lotion enriched with marine extracts along with shea butter, aloe and vitamins. Your skin will be left feeling soft and supple and smelling wonderful.

Fragrance Tip #30

The Power of Scent

Never underestimate the power of fragrance when it comes to how you feel and how you impress upon others. Philosophy recognizes that fragrance is even more powerful and fun when layering different products that have the same scent. Philosophy Falling In Love Gift Set comes with the fragrance spray as well as the shower gel so you can enjoy an extra burst of your favorite perfume. You might also choose Philosophy Pure Grace Soap And Water for a fresh clean scent. This set also includes the fragrance spray and the shower gel.

Fragrance Tip #29

Fragrance for the Body and Soul

If you know a couple that could use some pampering, consider a gift from Molton Brown. The Molton Brown Refraction Gift Set stimulates the body and senses with peppercorn oil and pink pepperpod extract. The kit contains a bath and shower gel, a body lotion and body wash for the ultimate his and hers experience. For a more solitary and serene experience, consider the Molton Brown Infinity Gift Set which cleanses and moisturizes with a blend of lime oils and tea extracts. The kit includes a hand wash and lotion.

Fragrance Tip #28

Pretty in Perfume

Unsure of what to get that special lady in your life? You really can’t go wrong with Elizabeth Arden Pretty. This is one of the most popular fragrances from Elizabeth Arden. The feminine floral scent makes every woman feel beautiful inside and out. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray comes in a bottle that’s as beautiful as its scent. You might also choose the Elizabeth Arden Pretty Fragrance Set that contains the eau de parfum spray along with a complementing body lotion and bath and shower gel. The products can be layered for an extra burst of pretty.

Fragrance Tip #27

Natural Inspirations

Do you take your inspiration from nature? LaVanila Laboratories has tapped into the wonderful and inspiring fragrances offered by nature and has transfused the natural wonders into a line of fragrances. Treat yourself or someone else to LaVanila The Healthy Fragrance Set Pure Vanilla, a kit inspired by sensual vanilla and tonka bean from Madagascar. The kit contains the spray fragrance along with the body butter. If you love variety when it comes to fragrance, you’ll love the LaVanilla Deluxe Mini Roller-Ball Set, a travel sized collection featuring four different fragrances in roller-ball form.

Fragrance Tip #26

Add a Little Zing

Cleansing and moisturizing doesn’t have to be dull. Put a little zip into your body care routine by introducing fragrant bath products from Bliss. Smooth and polish to perfection with Bliss Super Slough Scrub, a foaming body cleanser that delights the senses with a fresh scent as it rids the body skin of excess oils and impurities. After your shower, slather on Bliss Lemon and Sage Body Butter, a citrus-scented moisturizer that bathes the skin in essential hydration and nourishes with vitamins and natural extracts. The zesty butter wakes you up while leaving your skin silky soft.

Fragrance Tip #25

Lift your Spirits

Adding aromatherapy to your bathroom routine can help improve mood while you care for your skin. Kerstin Florian Organic Aromatherapy Harmony Bath and Body Oil alleviates tension and promotes an uplifting sensation while toning the skin with natural citrus extracts. You can mix the Kerstin Florian oil with lotion or use it pure as a massage oil. Essential oils can also sooth sore muscles and joints. Kerstin Florian Krauter Eucalyptus Bath is a relaxing treat that can make you feel more comfortable. It can even help with cold and flu symptoms.

Fragrance Tip #24

Lighten up

Do you find that regular perfume is just too heavy for hot summer days? Consider a body spritz from Philosophy. Eau de toilette alternatives are lighter and perfect for times when you want just a hint of fragrance. Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz has a clean, feminine and floral scent while Philosophy Pure Grace Perfumed Body Spritz mimics the scent of soap and water. Both of these can be layered with other scented products from the same fragrance line.

Fragrance Tip #23

House Plans?

Are you looking to spice up your abode? Consider the power of scent when it comes to your own home. Fragrance can offer an inviting and comfortable ambiance for yourself and your guests. Molton Brown offers a selection of home fragrance products which are elegant and delightful. Consider a fragrant candle like Molton Brown Night Tempest Medio Candela. The scent is energizing and zesty with woodsy and citrus notes. Every candle comes in an elegant glass holder. You might also choose Molton Brown White Mulberry Home Ambient Spray with a crisp herbal/floral blend. The spray can be used in every room of your house.

Fragrance Tip #22

Soak it up

Did you know that your skin is most susceptible to drying following a bath or shower? Lock that moisture in and keep your skin soft and supple with the help of pampering and fragrant body moisturizers from Ole Henriksen. Beautifully scented Ole Henriksen Body Sleek Lotion is a lightweight hydrator that is rich in natural oils as well as vitamins. The formula nourishes and softens without leaving a greasy feel. You can also reach for Ole Henriksen Lavender Body Oil, a calming body treatment that can be used as a moisturizer or for an all-over massage. The beautiful scent helps to relax and unwind from a stressful day.

Fragrance Tip #21

Sweet Almond Delight

While you might recognize the almond as a tasty treat, you might not realize that almond oil can do wonders for the skin and the senses. L'Occitane relies on natural almond oil to hydrate and nourish dry, rough skin. L'Occitane Almond Tonic Body Oil is rich in the natural oils of the almond, allowing your skin to find a balance with the natural fragrance of almonds. L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Oil improves skin elasticity and helps to prevent stretch marks while bathing your entire body in the aromas of essential oils. Enjoy the fragrance and healing powers of L'Occitane Almond.

Fragrance Tip #20

Scent-sational Shave

Did you know that essential oils offer the luxury of fragrance while also bathing your skin in nourishing goodness? The The Art of Shaving is dedicated to delivering an outstanding shave with formulations rich in beneficial natural oils. The Art of Shaving Full Size Kit Sandalwood offers a complete shaving regimen with products containing sandalwood. If you just can't get enough of this warm and masculine scent, finish your shave with a spritz of The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau de Toilette.

Fragrance Tip #19

Home Sweet Home

Are you looking for a way to spice up your home? Consider the power of scent. Candles from Sundari can make your abode feel more inviting by creating a soothing ambiance. The Sundari Gulkand Scented Candle was inspired by an Indian tradition of preserving rose petals with honey and sugar. The natural scent fills any room with a light touch of sweetness. For a burst of floral and spice, try the Sundari Chameli Scented Candle. All Sundari candles can be placed anywhere around the house to improve mood and calm the mind.

Fragrance Tip #18

Easy does it

Do you love fragrance but don't care for the scent overload that can come from using too many different products? With Philosophy, it's easy to stick to one scent while enjoying multiple products. The Philosophy Amazing Grace line offers a variety of options that can be layered without the worries of competing fragrances. Start with Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance, a feminine and floral perfume that's clean and versatile. Enjoy the same scent in the Philosophy Amazing Grace Firming Body Emulsion, a firming and softening body moisturizer that has added anti-aging benefits.

Fragrance Tip #17

Berries and Blossoms

Do you love soft smelling fragrances that are inspired from fruits and flowers? L'Occitane pampers with delicate scents that come from the best of nature. L'Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette entices the senses with verbena from the Mediterranean along with lemon and geranium. The clean fragrance is uplifting and inspiring. For your more feminine side, try L'Occitane Cherry Blossom Eau de Toilette, a sweet and flowery fragrance with notes of cherry and freesia. Both fragrances come in a bottle that is just as beautiful as the scent they hold.

Fragrance Tip #16

Light and Natural

If you love a touch of fragrance but find that traditional eau de parfum is just too strong, opt for a lighter alternative from Caudalie Paris, experts in natural bath and facial products. Caudalie Fleur de Vigne Energizing Fragrance has a delicate scent derived from essential oils. The energizing fragrance can be used as a replacement for traditional perfumes. You can also choose Caudalie Beauty Elixir for a light and refreshing burst of fragrance. The elixir can also be used to set mineral makeup and tighten pores.

Fragrance Tip #15

Aromatherapy Skin Care

Have you ever been curious about aromatherapy? Essential oils can actually improve mood and promote energy or relaxation. Decleor is a pioneer in the world of aromatherapy based beauty. Decleor Arome Tonic Tonifying Body Treatment Fragrance is an all over body fragrance formulated from essential oils and plant extracts that will make you feel fresh and energized. Incorporate aromatherapy into your facial skin care routine with products like Decleor Aromessence Neroli Essential Serum, a hydrating elixir made of pure essential oils that calm and relax stressed skin.

Fragrance Tip #14

Stick to the Essentials

If you like to smell good but don't care for heavy colognes, try a more natural, woodsy scent from The Art of Shaving. Essential oils provide subtle fragrance while also delivering a soothing experience. The Art of Shaving Sandalwood Eau De Toilette contains a blend of pure oils that are masculine and sensual without over powering. If you love the scent, try a variety of shaving products from The Art Of Shaving Full Size Kit Sandalwood.

Fragrance Tip #13

The Last Step

When you head out the door for the day or evening, don't forget the ultimate finishing touch. Fragrance can make you feel confident and feminine. Philosophy offers several options. Philosophy Amazing Grace Fragrance is a classic feminine perfume spray from the Philosophy Amazing Grace line that is appropriate for everyday use as well as special occasions. For a clean and crisp scent that makes you smell fresh out of the shower, try Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance, the most popular offering from the Philosophy Pure Grace line.

Fragrance Tip #12

Pretty in Red

If you would like to pamper a special woman in your life, look no further than the gift of fragrance by Elizabeth Arden. The very popular Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is a beautiful floral scent that exudes femininity. If you really want to go all out, consider a boxed gift collection like Elizabeth Arden Red Door Fragrance Set which includes the signature Red Door Eau de Toilette along with the body cream and powder.

Fragrance Tip #11

Complement and Enhance

If you love fragrant bath and body products but don't want competing scents, consider a fragrance set from Philosophy Skin Care. The Philosophy Summer Grace Fragrance Layering Set contains the Summer Grace spray along with the firming body emulsion containing the same scent. Fragrance sets also make for great gifts. Philosophy Amazing Grace Mothers Are A Gift Set spoils moms with the Amazing Grace spray, bath and shower gel in addition to the body butter.

Fragrance Tip #10

Freshly Laundered Bliss

Do you prefer a crisp fragrance that's light and clean? CLEAN Fresh Laundry Eau de Parfum Travel Size makes it easy to get that fresh scent anywhere. The convenient size fits easily into any hand bag. CLEAN Shower Fresh Rollerball delivers a fresh fragrance in a more concentrated form for precise application. The scent from CLEAN is a light combination of floral and citrus notes that will leave you feeling fresh and clean all day.

Fragrance Tip #9

Home Sweet-Smelling Home

If you want to make your home feel warmer and more inviting, consider a light home fragrance from Archipelago Botanicals that will create an uplifting ambiance without overwhelming your guests. Archipelago Botanicals Boticario Diffuser contains fragrant oils that gradually fill the house with a subtle aroma using natural absorbent reeds. For a romantic ambiance, try the Archipelago Botanicals Excursion Collection Soy Wax Candle – Havana. It burns for up to 60 hours, releasing a gentle fragrance from a blend of essential oils.

Fragrance Tip #8

Burn Baby, Burn

If you are looking for a present for a fragrance lover, consider giving the gift of natural, exotic aromas for the home with Sundari. Sundari Lights Of Diwali Votive Gift Set is a beautifully packaged set that includes three soy-based candles made from essential oils. The balancing candle set is inspired from ancient wisdom. For those who enjoy floral scents, Sundari Lights of Diwali Floral Votive Gift Set makes for a perfect addition to the home.

Fragrance Tip #7

Give the Gift of Fragrance

Every woman wants to feel feminine and pretty. Why not incorporate that wish into a beautiful gift for an upcoming special occasion? Elizabeth Arden Pretty offers fragrances that make women feel as good as they look. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray is a light, girlish fragrance made from a blend of floral and fruity scents. For an extra special treat, consider giving her the Elizabeth Arden Pretty As A Picture Fragrance Set that includes the eau de toilette spray along with the body lotion and a charm bracelet in a beautiful pink gift box.

Fragrance Tip #6

Spoil Him Rotten

Are you in search of a great gift for a special man? Kenneth Cole Black and Calvin Klein have offered up exquisite giftable fragrances that any man can appreciate. Kenneth Cole Black is a sensual fragrance with exotic notes inspired by nature. Calvin Klein Eternity for Men Holiday Gift Set will really knock his socks off with a fabulous eau de toilette spray, after shave and body wash all in a luxurious box set.

Fragrance Tip #5

Too Much of a Good Thing

Do you find that your body moisturizer interferes with your fragrance? Try using a moisturizing body spritz that enhances your perfume, rather than detracting from it. Start with Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Spritz, a lightly scented, moisturizing body spray with added anti-oxidants. Follow with Philosophy Pure Grace Fragrance, a clean but feminine perfume with a stronger version of the same fragrance used in the spritz. The two Philosophy products will enhance each other rather than competing.

Fragrance Tip #4

The Smell of Nature

Do you prefer fragrance that's inspired by scents found in nature? L'Occitane offers a variety of fragrances based on fruit and floral notes. L'Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette captures the fresh, clean scent of Mediterranean verbena and presents it in an elegant blend that incorporates geranium and lemon. It's a classic and a customer favorite. L'Occitane Peony Eau de Toilette is a rich floral scent based on the subtle fragrance of the peony flower blended with white musk, sandalwood and citrus.

Fragrance Tip #3

Princess Every Day

Are you looking to make a special woman feel like a princess? There's no better way than with the Vera Wang Princess Gift Set. Vera Wang became famous for making fairy tale weddings a reality. Now she makes women a part of the fairy tale with this beautifully packaged fragrance set containing two sizes of Princess fragrance along with a body lotion and body polish. Also consider classic Vera Wang. Her signature fragrance will make any woman feel feminine and sensual.

Fragrance Tip #2

Dress it Up

Are you looking for a finishing touch to your evening attire? Why not consider a new fragrance by Elizabeth Arden that makes you feel just as pretty as you look? The Elizabeth Arden Pretty line allows every woman to feel feminine and special for any event. Elizabeth Arden Pretty Eau de Parfum Spray can be worn for an elegant occasion or any day you want to feel beautiful. The Elizabeth Arden Pretty Gift Set makes for a fabulous gift.

Fragrance Tip #1

A Scent for your Special Guy

Are you in search of the perfect gift for that special man in your life? A new fragrance is always a great choice and you can count on Kenneth Cole Black to deliver on that perfect idea with the signature Kenneth Cole Black fragrance. The Kenneth Cole Black Gift Set includes two sizes of the fragrance in addition to shaving gel and deodorant. What better way to pamper your man?

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