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A French bistro, a cozy and romantic table for two along the boulevard with a view of the Eiffel Tower and soft, distinctly French music emanating from within the café…ahhh, how an evocative, delicate perfume can transport you and those around you on such journeys of the mind, heart and soul! Take yourself on a journey every day with a full-bodied perfume oil ready to stimulate not only your senses, but those of your special someone. With a mixture of aroma compounds, solvents, fixatives and essential oils, perfumes are the most potent of all fragrances, containing a higher concentrate than the more subtle eau de parfums, eau de toilettes and body sprays.

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Additional Rollerball Information

Fragrance connoisseurs typically describe perfumes using a set of "notes" with the top note or head note delivering the first impression of a fragrance, which then dissolves to reveal the middle note, considered the heart of the perfume. The middle note, combined with the base note, make up the long-lasting fragrance that brings solidity and depth to a perfume. Choose from a selection of gorgeously luxurious, exotic perfumes conveniently packaged in slim, purse- and pocket-size bottles with roller ball applicators for quick touch-ups whenever you need them.

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