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Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea

Damaged, hard-to-style hair can benefit from shea butter, a natural oil known for its healing properties. The ingredient behind Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea, it offers your hair a number of benefits and is available in a variety of products in this line. The benefits of shea butter are arguably unmatched. It can moisturize dry and damaged hair, protect the hair from sun damage, and restore hair after moisture-zapping chemical treatments and use of heat-styling products. Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Products are all you need to revitalize your damaged hair.

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Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Products

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Quench hair in rich hydrating indulgence with this duo. 8oz sizes.
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Additional Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea Information

Dry hair can lead to frizz, flyaways, and downright unmanageable styles. A shea butter treatment replenishes your hair’s moisture content, making it smoother, softer, and easier to manage. Shea butter is equally effective on your skin, which is why Frederic Fekkair Shea Butter includes products for the skin. Together with vitamins and botanicals, these shea butter treatments can condition both your hair and skin, giving you the soft, smooth, hydrated look your hair and skin need to look their best. Discover Frederic Fekkai Shea Butter Products that target your hair and skin needs, and enjoy a healthier, more radiant look.

Hair that is dry, thick and difficult to tame is the perfect candidate for the natural wonder properties of shea butter. Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea products are formulated with real shea butter, a natural oil which is incredibly rich and hydrating with reparative properties. Frederic Fekkai Essential Shea delivers long-lasting moisture to dry, brittle hair and leaves it more flexible and healthier.

Frederic Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Tame and Style Creme is the perfect styling aid for hair that just refuses to cooperate. This is an exceptionally thick cream that is rich in nourishing shea butter oils to deeply hydrate hair. Frederic Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Tame and Style Creme tames unruly manes of hair, creating a smooth, sleek look that feels soft to the touch. All it takes is a small dab for all day benefits.

Extra dry and unruly hair will benefit from Frederic Fekkai Advanced Essential Shea Ultra Rich Mask. This is an intense shea butter treatment with the added benefits of almond. Just a few minutes once a week can make a huge difference in the health and texture of the hair.

Since Frederic Fekkai realizes that shea butter benefits the skin just as much as it does the hair, he created Frederic Fekkai Creme Luxueuse with Shea Butter. Dry skin is hydrated and protected all day with rich natural shea butter oils. Even sensitive types can use Frederic Fekkai Creme Luxueuse with Shea Butter with not worries of irritation. The cream restores comfort and softness to dry, tight skin.

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