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Fusion Beauty reviews

The internet provides a great many resources to the billions of inhabitants of planet Earth. Perhaps none of those resources is as valuable as the opinions of those billions of web crawlers who comment and review web material each day. Despite what you may think about the opinions of others, they can come in handy from time to time. This fact is not lost on online retailers who rely on customers to leave their thoughts and opinions on products they’ve purchased. It is for this reason that Fusion Beauty Reviews pages are so important to visitors of

Customers who have purchased Fusion Beauty products through are encouraged to leave their comments and feelings about the products they’ve purchased on the Fusion Beauty Reviews page located on the website. Each Fusion Beauty product has its own dedicated Fusion Beauty reviews page where customers who have purchased each particular product can sound off about the wonders of Fusion Beauty.

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Good but too pricey -2/28/2007 10:25:25 AM This lip plumper is pretty good. Nice, rich texture. No unpleasant odor or burning. Does leave lips feeling moisturized. Doesn't plump as much as I hoped and is way over priced.
Kelly (Chicken Lips)
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Chicken Lips -2/15/2007 11:57:17 AM I've been using LipFusion XL for over a year now and the results are not just immediate but cumulative too. I love it!!!! One of my nick names growing up was chicken lips (chickens have NO lips - get it?). Now they are fuller, rosier and NEVER chapped! If I wanted lips like Angelina Joli I would do injections but I don't (can't afford it anyway). I am finally happy with my lips. I will always keep one in my car and one at home!!!!
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no more dry lips -11/7/2006 10:52:36 PM I felt this product a little rich at first but lips are well hydrated next morning and it lasts all day. I don't have dry & chappy lips since.
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The Best-Bar none -10/31/2006 7:02:28 AM It's clear that many of the reviewers above don't understand how this product is supposed to work. The collagen is microencapsulated-it can't immediately plump...the microspheres need to dissolve and the collagen needs to attract water, can't by the laws of physics happen immediately. Also, the presence of the microencapsulated collagen, cause your own cells to make more of their own native collagen-not an immediate event either. I have used this and the colored glosses for nearly a year. My lips (and they are pushing 60) look more plump and smooth than most 35 y/o's. That's not just braggin'-every one of the cosmetic counter personnel are amazed,too. Give the product a chance-the results are amazing.
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Love LipFusion -10/16/2006 7:47:06 PM I have used LipFusion clear every day for about a year and I don't know what I would do with out it. It softens and plumps my lips, has a wonderful scent and light taste and doesn't produce any stinging or burning like some other plumpers. It also makes the BEST lipstick primer. My lipstick and other lipcolors go on perfectly smooth and last much longer than without LipFusion.
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Brilliant -9/19/2006 7:44:19 AM I loved this product!! It made a huge difference compared to the other brands I used previously. Plumped my lips very nicely. Marvellous!!
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You decide -9/16/2006 7:21:37 AM I dont think it plumped my lips, it did have a numbing feeling that made me think they were bigger but I couldnt see a difference (nor did my man). One weird thing I noticed is when I used it I would break out on my chin area, like right below the corners of my mouth. I never knew of anyone else having that problem until I went to Bath & Body Works and when I was explaining it to the girl there she called her co-worker over b/c she was complaining of the same thing and was using Lip Fusion too but didnt put the two together until I told her my problem. I didnt think it was from Lip Fusion either until I stopped using it and it went away. I tried it again (hey, it was expensive and didnt want to waste it!) and I broke out in the same areas, so I gave it away:(
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What plumping? -9/15/2006 2:04:16 AM I was so disappointed with this product. It does nothing and I would encourage anyone considering it to save their money.
Laura In Hawaii
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Better then nothing -9/13/2006 7:04:12 PM I've actually had my lips enhanced by Restylane, so I know this product does not compare. But, it does work. Now its not going to give you gorgeous, full luscious lips, but it'll increase your pout a bit. Maybe not noticeable to anyone else but yourself, but the way you look and feel about yourself is more important then what anyone else thinks, right? So if you have some extra money laying around, I say give it a try. It works a little differently for everyone, but it does work, so it may be great for you. I'm glad I tried it.
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Additional Fusion Beauty Reviews Information

The product line developed by Fusion Beauty is meant to challenge the status quo in the cosmetics community by providing customers with a superior product at competitive rates. Sure, any company can produce and market cosmetic products, but only Fusion Beauty does so with an eye toward developing products that help you maximize your beauty while improving your health. All Fusion Beauty products are created with USDA certified organic materials, ensuring the health and well-being of your skin. The Fusion Beauty Reviews page is the place to go to get a feel for each product before deciding to purchase it.

Whether you value the opinions of others or not, the Fusion Beauty Reviews page plays a critical role in the online shopping process. Unlike physical retail locations, it is impossible to hold Fusion Beauty products in your hand or use a “tester” or “sample” product before deciding to buy. For this reason, reading through the Fusion Beauty Reviews page presents potential customers with the opportunity to hear the opinions of previous buyers before deciding which products to purchase from

Leaving your opinion on the Fusion Beauty Review page is not only helpful to other customers, it is important to the makers of the products. In addition to answering questions or concerns of potential customers, review pages provide a way for current customers to sing the praises of Fusion Beauty products in a manner that is easily viewed by and the makers of Fusion Beauty products. In the process, the company is better able to ensure they continue providing quality products that their customer base is sure to enjoy.

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