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Gly Derm Eye Products

Dark circles under eyes aren't caused by lack of sleep as most people believe. The skin layer under and around the eyes is very thin, and the capillaries are so small, they don't allow all the blood cells through the tiny vessels. The body reacts by sending enzymes to break down the blood cells that can't find their way through the vessels. When the blood cells break down, they lose their red color and become the colors of skin bruises. Healthy hydration along with an effective treatment is the best way to address those dark circles and Gly Derm eye products deliver effective ingredients in a convenient product for daily use. They keep the delicate layer of skin hydrated, keeping tissues plumped up.

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Gly Derm Eye Products Products

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Hydrates the delicate skin around the eyes and reduces the appearance of dark circles
2 oz | GD014

Additional Gly Derm Eye Products Information

Consider your eyes in your morning and evening skin care regimen, and use Gly Derm eye products, like Gly Derm Hydrating Eye Cream after cleansing your face with Gly Derm Gentle Face Cleanser. Reduce the appearance of those dark circles above and below the eye with a product that has quality ingredients. This eye cream is mild enough to use on the eyelids. It has a balance of vitamin K and antioxidants with moisturizers and along with the reduction of dark circles, it also known to reduce morning under-eye puffiness.

It's common to see people with dark circles under their eyes, but the degree of darkness varies from person to person. It could be hidden with cover make-up, or the effect could be eliminated with Gly Derm eye products. Gly Derm Hydrating Eye Cream is a light skin treatment for the eye area that will lessen the dryness that causes wrinkles and diminishes those dark circles known as “raccoon eyes.”

Aging skin, as well as youthful skin will benefit from using Gly Derm Hydrating Eye Cream. Facial skin becomes thinner as people age, and that bruised look around eyes becomes much more prominent. This gentle hydrating product will give the area around your eyes a smoother appearance, regardless of skin type. When Gly Derm eye products are used daily, you will notice a marked difference over time.

After cleansing your face with Gly Derm Gentle Face Cleanser, moisturize and hydrate your eyes to keep them healthy and plump. Then use Gly Derm Hydrotone Max on your face. It is ideal for very dry or aging skin. Moisturize not just your eyes, but your face, for a brighter and more youthful appearance.

Use Gly Derm eye products with care around your eyes and only use a light coat. Gently dab it above and below your eyes with the tip of a clean finger. Remember to dab, rather than rub it in. This eye cream is designed to complement and work with other Gly Derm skin care products. When added to your daily Gly Derm skin care regimen, your complexion will feel and look rejuvenated.

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