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Glytone Eye Products

The skin around your eyes presents a unique challenge, due to its thinness, its proximity to your sensitive eyes and its delicacy. The eye area is often one of the first spots on your body to show the effects of photo-damage and aging, developing signs like crow's feet. Many of the problems that plague the eye area can be treated through a combination of moisturization and rejuvenation, but many people have a difficult time finding products that do not irritate the eye area.

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Additional Glytone Eye Products Information

Glytone Eye Products are the answer to all of the problems that develop around the eyes, including irritation. The formulas in the Glytone Eye Products range were developed for dispensing at dermatologists' offices, so they have been thoroughly tested for effectiveness and strength. Each of the Glytone Eye Products contains a blend of ingredients that has been adjusted specifically for the needs of the eyes, such as low doses of powerful free value glycolic acid, which offers remarkable rejuvenating benefits for the eye area. Find the perfect solution to the eye area's challenges with Glytone Eye Products.

With blends of potent, medically-derived ingredients, the Glytone Eye Products offer real solutions to all of the little challenges that the eye area can pose. The formulas treat dehydration, wrinkles, under eye bags and more.

The Glytone Eye Cream is a hydrating eye care solution for those with dry skin that has begun to develop furrows, folds and creases. A true scientific breakthrough, the formula uses hyaluronic acid to pull moisture from the air to transfer to the skin tissue. This plumps thin skin that has begun to sag and helps it appear healthier and more vibrant. The eye cream also includes hydrolized collagen, which supports the skin tissue, restoring its firmness and elasticity. The formula is gentle enough to be used both morning and night and comes in a .53-ounce tube.

The Glytone Eye Gel resurfaces the eye area and stimulates circulation to radically recreate the look of the skin around the eyes. The formula contains 2.6 percent free glycolic acid, a potent exfoliator that eliminates dull cells from the outer layer of skin in the eye area. This creates an even skin texture with less noticeable fine lines and wrinkles and also helps to treat hyperpigmentation and skin dullness. The gel also includes natural comfrey extract in its formula to alleviate puffiness, swelling and dark circles. Glycerin and urea are added to protect the skin and regulate its moisture levels. Formulated for use just once daily, the resurfacing eye gel is available in a .53-ounce tube.

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