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Glytone Toners/Clarifiers

The acid mantle that covers the outer surface of your skin is vital to the health of your complexion, as it protects the skin from the damaging elements that are all around you in the environment. When things go awry with this vital protective covering, skin care problems are bound to follow. If the acidity levels of the barrier become excessive or too low, the body will naturally shift the production of the natural oils that form it to try and remedy the problem. This change in sebum production levels is what leads to dry skin, oily skin and combination complexions.

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Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Products

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This toner prepares skin for lightening treatments.
6.7 oz | GT018
This toner helps to treat and prevent acne blemishes.
8 oz | GT024

Additional Glytone Toners/Clarifiers Information

Because they help restore the acid-base balance of the skin's natural acid mantle, the Glytone Toners/Clarifiers are vital skin care solutions. The Glytone Toners/Clarifiers subtly adjust the pH to bring it within the optimal range for good skin health. The product of extensive scientific research, the Glytone Toners/Clarifiers provide the skin with powerful, yet safe ingredients that quickly normalize even the most out-of-balance complexions to treat skin care problems faster. Shop the Glytone Toners/Clarifiers collection to re-balance your skin.

Truly beautiful skin is a delicate balancing act between oiliness and dryness. You can trust Glytone Toners/Clarifiers products to help your complexion remain at its optimal, balanced pH.

Glytone Acne Cleansing Toner is a highly effective formula that helps reduce the oil content of acne-prone skin, while opening the pores to treat and prevent blemishes. The toner includes powerful 2 percent salicylic acid, which travels deep into the pores where it dissolves the sebum and skin cells that have become lodged in the tiny openings. The acid also exfoliates the skin tissue, leaving it primed for Glytone acne treatment products or prescription medications. Additionally, the mild antibacterial properties of salicylic acid make the toner capable of eradicating P. acnes bacteria, which contribute to the formation of pimples.

Skin discoloration is one of the most difficult skin care problems to treat, even with highly effective interventions. The Glytone Essential Prep is designed to prepare the skin for clinical interventions as well as at-home treatments for hyperpigmentation to help increase the effectiveness of the ingredients used to remedy the discoloration. The prep can also help prepare the skin for other types of skin care treatments, including those for signs of aging. The toner contains 1 percent salicylic acid, which removes portions of the outer layer of dead cells, so that other formulas can penetrate the skin more efficiently and rapidly. In addition, the toner balances the skin to its optimal pH, which creates ideal conditions for other skin care products.

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