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GoSMILE Toothpaste reviews

A beautiful smile has the power to light up a room and lift the mood of people around you. Unfortunately, dingy, dark or yellow teeth can ruin a dazzling smile. GoSmile toothpastes will bring the sparkle back into your smile with formulations that gently remove those stubborn coffee and tea stains that keep your teeth from looking their best. Don’t like the sound of a dental drill? GoSmile Toothpastes are enriched with fluoride and ingredients that strengthen the enamel of your teeth for protection against decay. Polish, whiten and protect your teeth at the same time with the GoSmile Toothpaste line. Find out what other shoppers are saying by visiting the GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews page.

It’s important to be confident with your selections – confident that the products will work. One way to get assurance that a product lives up to its promises is to visit the GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews page. When you arrive, you’ll see how reviewers, shoppers who have used a product, rated it. When reviewers rate products, they use a five-star rating scale so you can quickly see how the product compares to other items. Ready to visit this helpful resource? To get there from the introductory page, click on the GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews link. If you’d like to read reviews only on one product, click on the “reviews” tab on the description page of the product you’d like to cover.

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Brenda Bolton, ON, Canada
experimenter Age Group: 35-44Gender: FHair Color: brunetteSkin Tone: tanEye Color: blue
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Great Whitener -3/18/2011 4:30:24 AM I'm a smoker :( and cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on my white teeth since I have started using this product. Within 2 weeks I started receiving compliments on my white smile. I am 36 years old and have never used whitening products before and although I did not notice the difference, the compliments I started receiving made it clear that this product was doing exactly what it claimed to do.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Love it -4/4/2007 9:22:03 PM First I was thinking what an expensive price for toothpaste, but now I love them after using them for a while. First the paste smell heavenly. Second I think it works better than the advance whitening formula with B1. The key is make sure you do a 10-15 minute brush.
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Unbelivably fresh -3/3/2008 6:23:56 PM I love this product. I just tried the p.m paste and I feel a freshness that is undescribable. No other toothpaste has ever given this feeling of amazing quality. No wonder Halle Berry can't live without! :)
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you won't be sorry! -4/24/2008 7:49:24 AM If you're on a tight budget, don't even try these. They are so amazing in flavor, whitening without being harsh. They do last quite awhile, as they don't foam up much. I use a pea size amount each time and have had both tubes for a couple of months, with a few weeks to go.
Happy Shopper
Overall Rating Overall Rating
Awesome -4/30/2008 1:55:57 AM This product is fantastic, try the travel size first if your not sure. You can see a difference imediately after use. Makes your teeth stain free and whiter but not bleached like other chemical treatments.
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Additional GoSMILE Reviews Information

There’s another reason GoSmile Toothpastes are so special. They combine the power of aromatherapy with polishing power. Your mouth will be awakened by the aroma of essential oils like orange, mandarin, lime, lemon, chamomile, lavender, vanilla and peppermint. To wake up your mouth in the morning, they offer formulations with invigorating essential oils like lemon, lime, orange and peppermint. For evening, soothe your senses with chamomile, vanilla and valerian root, an herb that has stress-relieving properties. Find out what other customers are saying by visiting the GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews page.

Don’t check out without visiting the GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews page to read reviews. Reading reviews will give you reassurance that you’re making the right selections. Reviews have two components – product ratings and comments. Product ratings are a good way to compare one product to another in terms of performance and value, but you’ll get more details by reading the comments. In the comment section, reviewers can list the product’s pros and cons and include relevant comments. Don’t be surprised to see that a single product has both five-star and one-star ratings. There are lots of reasons why a shopper might give a product a low rating. It could be something as simple as the packaging, scent or the fact that it didn’t compare favorably to another product they use. Dig deeper to find out why by reading the comments.

Once you’ve picked your products and tried them, don’t be a stranger. Come back and share your opinions by writing GoSmile Toothpaste Reviews of your own. Your feedback and reviews are always welcome and we appreciate the time you took to share them.

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