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To effectively treat breakouts, it’s important to address both the causes and the symptoms. The formulas of H2O Plus Acne Treatment Products are designed to change the conditions of the skin under which blemishes can form. At the same time, the ingredients help to soothe and reduce the inflammation, to improve their appearance and the soreness that accompanies them.

The formulas are based on marine sourced ingredients, combined with botanical extracts, to provide effective treatments. The H2O Plus Acne Treatment Products are the results of careful, focused research into the ways in which marine algae, mineral complexes, amino acids and other agents can improve the health and appearance of skin. These ingredients are scientifically tested, formulated and used to help cleanse, purify and strengthen skin tissues to help reduce the frequency and severity of acne breakouts. As part of an overall skin care regimen, H2O Plus Acne Treatment Products act to clear away the excess oils, accumulated dead skin cells and deposits of impurities that clog pores, reduce the blemishes and promote a healthy skin cell turnover to renew the complexion.


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Additional H2O Plus Products Information

When breakouts occur, it is important to treat the causes as well as the symptoms. H2O Plus Acne Treatment Products are formulated to unpack pores clogged by excess oils and other detritus that has built up – the hotbed of acne blemishes – and to reduce the inflammation and redness that accompanies breakouts. The formulas then work to improve the skin’s condition, to renew and refresh the complexion and to strengthen and balance the tissues.

It’s sometimes difficult to decide which is worse about a breakout: How it looks or how it feels. It doesn’t really matter, since H2O Plus Anti Acne Calming Corrector treats both. Used daily during a breakout, after cleansing and toning, this soothing treatment provides anti-inflammatory ingredients to calm the soreness. A mild concentration of salicylic acid promotes gentle exfoliation, promoting a healthy skin cell turnover. This helps to present strong, new skin cells to the surface to help renew the complexion and reduce the visible symptoms of the breakout, as well as providing healthy skin resistant to the causal agents of acne. Azeleic acid, derived from wheat, helps inhibit the growth of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes, a contributing factor to acne breakouts. A proprietary formula of marine-derived trace minerals, called Sea Mineral Complex, and a suite of provitamin B, vitamin A and vitamin C, improve the health and strength of the skin tissues. Extracts of marine algae, including Neptune kelp, a deep sea species from the waters off New Zealand, and gigartina (Desmarestia viridis) moisturize and balance skin tissues.

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