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H2O Plus Eau de Parfum

No matter what type of fragrance is your all-time favorite, indulging in a bit of sensual aromatherapy is an enjoyable pastime that you can experience anytime. From floral fragrances to musky scents to fruity aromas, women’s eau de parfum and eau de toilette sprays offer an indulgent array of options for women who enjoy using them. From the initial effervescence that comes with the top note to the longer-lasting effusion accompanying the base note, women’s fragrances play an important part in their social lives and personal moods. The pleasing and uplifting botanical scent offered with H2O Plus Eau De Parfum creates a fragrant environment in which women can feel refreshed and invigorated with renewed fervor.

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Additional H2O Plus Eau de Parfum Information

H2O Plus Eau De Parfum products utilize natural oils and extracts to create a unique scent that is tantalizing to the senses and pleasing to experience. Alluring in its blended concoction of scents, H2O Plus Eau De Parfum offers an opportunity to indulge in a bit of nature without worrying about any of the negative aspects that often accompany a traipse through the home of Mother Nature.

Indulging in luxurious scents is one of the pleasures of being a woman. H2O Plus Eau De Parfum offers the indulgence of tantalizing your olfactory senses with a fragrant effervescence that is both exotic and natural at the same time. It allows you to create a transformation in mood instantly from the ordinary to the exotic due to its infusion of botanical ingredients. If you are searching for something new in the line of women’s scents, try the aromatic fragrance of H2O Plus Eau De Parfum.

Created by Mariel Hemingway, H2O Plus Mariel Eau De Parfum is inspired by the simplistic beauty of nature. Offering a fresh scent featuring a pleasant combination of florals and botanicals, this eau de parfum is mild enough for daytime use and exotic enough for nighttime wear. Whether you are in search of a light fragrance to wear to work, for casual events, or for a romantic night on the town, this scent is perfect.

Infused with natural oils (Rose Oil, Jasmine Oil, and Lemon Oil), this particular woman’s scent is fresh and floral in nature. Its aromatic effervescence immediately uplifts your spirit with the hint of new beginnings. For the best results, you should spray this rich scent on your pulse points (the inner elbow, inner wrist, behind the ear, behind the knee, and the ankle) to allow it to warm up and permeate the atmosphere around you. You will feel as though you are a sprite of nature due to the rich combination of natural essences used to create this special scent.

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