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Each day, waves crash against the beaches all over the world, slowly wearing away the tiny minerals that make up the sand. Eventually, some of them are removed and carried off in the seawater, only to be re-deposited elsewhere in the form of sediment. In this way, the Earth is constantly renewing itself using the power of the sea.

Every minute of the day, your skin is also renewing itself by shedding old skin cells. As these dull, dead cells drop away, newer skin becomes visible; however, your body's natural rate of cellular turnover moves slowly. By the time new skin is fully revealed, it, too, has usually begun to show signs of damage.

H2O Plus Exfoliators Products allow you to use the natural ingredients found in the sea to speed up your skin's cellular turnover process. With regular use, the H2O Plus Exfoliators Products can help keep your complexion looking bright, refreshed and renewed. In addition, the natural formulas in the H2O Plus Exfoliators Products can minimize the appearance of skin imperfections, including fine lines, wrinkles and skin discoloration.

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Additional H2O Plus Products Information

Assist your skin's natural renewal with H2O Plus Exfoliators Products, which feature formulas enriched with nutrients derived from the sea.

The H2O Plus Aqualibrium Sea Mineral Scrub re-balances the moisture content of dry and combination skin as it lifts away cellular debris from the complexion. Silky beads make friction on the skin without causing irritation or inflammation, while a revolutionary Sea Mineral Complex purifies, conditions and softens the tissue with every use. The formula should be applied after cleansing once or twice per week and is sold in a 2.5-ounce tube.

The H2O Plus Sea Salt Skin Smoother is an all-over exfoliator designed to eliminate patches of rough, dry skin. In addition, the luxurious treatment helps to soften fine lines and perfect skin's texture. The exfoliator has a coarse, grainy texture, thanks to the presence of spa-quality European sea salts in its formula. Canola and safflower oils are found in the formula to deeply hydrate areas of dryness, while a Sea Mineral Complex provides further hydration and vital nutrients.

The H2O Plus Sea Marine Body Scrub is a very gentle exfoliator for those who are concerned about dry, aging body skin but who are also prone to skin irritation. The scrub uses natural pumice and crushed hulls of apricot seeds to loosen dead skin. The small size of the granules makes the formula highly effective, yet less likely to abrade the skin the way larger particles can. Aloe vera is included in the formula to soothe inflammation.

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