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H2O Plus Marine

If your skincare regimen includes cleansers, moisturizers, toners, sunscreens, and treatments, then you are probably doing a good job of caring for your skin and protecting it against unnecessary damage. However, there’s nothing that says you can’t give your skin even more protection, especially if your face is in need of some serious moisturizing and hydrating capability.

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Additional H2O Plus Marine Information

As people age, their skin begins to slow its growth, including its production of essential components that help to keep it healthy and hydrated. The skin’s production of collagen and elastin slows down, and the skin begins to become drier as old skin cells remain on the surface longer and longer. Fortunately, H2O Plus Marine beauty products have been designed to address that problem, while also cleansing, exfoliating, and toning the skin. Infused with the natural goodness of the sea, each H2O Plus Marine formula delivers an infusion of marine ingredients known to hydrate and moisturize. Even if you already have an existing beauty care routine, you may want to include one or more of the moisturizing H2O Plus Marine products to encourage softer, healthier skin.

As you may already know, the sea offers a bevy of ingredients known for their healing properties. The full line of H2O Plus Marine products makes good use of them.

Has your skin become dry and lifeless? The H2O Plus Hydrating Marine Moisture Mask is designed to hydrate your skin, plumping it and softening its texture to restore its supple condition. Infused with Sea Mineral Complex™, it delivers a bevy of essential ingredients needed to soften the skin, refine surface lines, and plump the complexion with renewed hydration. New cell growth is enhanced due to the presence of marine algae extracts.

Worried about skin impurities and the damage they create? Clear them away with H2O Plus Marine Toner and revitalize your face at the same time. Designed specifically for dry, combination, or oily skin, it removes impurities to produce greater clarity and luminosity for your skin. This alcohol-free solution offers the hydrating benefits of natural marine botanicals that gently soothe and soften the skin as they re-instill your skin’s hydration. Increasing the moisture content of your skin, it helps to rejuvenate the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from harm. Its infusion of Allantoin and Provitamin B helps to strengthen your skin as well.

If you are searching for a gentle cleanser for your hands, you may enjoy the formula of H2O Plus Moisturizing Marine Hand Cleanser. Infused with marine extracts taken from Sea Fennel, Wakame, Spirulina, Nori, and Sea Lettuce, this refreshing gel helps to deliver moisturizing goodness to your skin. Do away with the drying effect that soap can create and give your skin the gift of softness.

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