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H2O Plus Milk

As a child, you probably grew up being told to drink your milk every day. You most likely heard the same comments over and over again, including one that stated milk is good for you. One of the reasons milk is so good for you and your body is that it is full of nourishing vitamins and proteins that help the body to refresh its cell growth and remain strong. Infusing beauty products with milk delivers this goodness directly to your skin, enabling it to become stronger and healthier. Milk is all natural, so you receive the benefits of natural ingredients that are gentler on the skin.

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Additional H2O Plus Milk Information

Creating a full line of skin-friendly products, the makers of the H2O Plus Milk beauty care formulas has created solutions that infuse highly beneficial ingredients directly to your skin, rejuvenating its cell growth, healthy sheen, and protective capabilities. In particular, H2O Plus Milk formulas have been enhanced by an infusion of milk lipids and proteins. After you use H2O Plus Milk products, your skin looks and feels better, plumper, and healthier than ever.

Wouldn’t you like to indulge in a spa-like lotion that infuses deep moisturizing capability into your skin with beneficial ingredients that strengthen it and lead to healthier looking skin? H2O Plus Milk offers a skin-friendly formula that tantalizes the skin with its creaminess, while softening it to a higher level of suppleness than ever before. Once you begin to use H2O Plus Milk on a regular basis, your skin will have greater elasticity and resilience due to a higher level of hydration that keeps it plumper and more flexible.

Wouldn’t it be nice to indulge in a creamy sensation that infuses refreshed softness to your skin while replenishing its level of hydration? Once you begin to use H2O Plus Milk Body Lotion, you’ll notice that your skin seems more alive, softer, and smoother. Offering the wholesome goodness of milk proteins, this nourishing lotion restores the beauty of your skin as it increases the levels of moisture contained within your skin. As dryness fades away and your skin is infused with fresh moisture, it becomes plumper and suppler, allowing it to bounce back from the fine lines, creases, and wrinkles that can mar the skin over time.

As a result of its inclusion of a bevy of essential vitamins (vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, and Provitamin B), your skin’s elasticity is refreshed, giving your skin better texture along with the ability to fight off permanent expression lines. The infusion of milk proteins in this body lotion helps to bind moisture to your skin, while creating a glossier luminosity.

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